Creator's: Backgrounds and Overlays Needed

Hi. I’m wondering if anyone can help me out with backgrounds and overlays…


  1. Outside hospital background
  2. Or anyone who can create a background of a hospital for me with a name on it, that says “Mercy”?

Secondly, does anyone have a overlays of…
3. Airplane
4. Blankets (any colors)
5. White sheet bed with pillows
6. Hands/arms/ holding and hugging (with many different skin tone that relate to Episode)
7. TV static
8. Bruises
9. Burns
10. Shower glass door closed/opened
11. Crying with mascara
12. Small rustic brown box that open and closed
13. Tools box (any color) that have little amount of tools inside with opened/closed.

And please bear with me as I don’t know the name to it but if I explain it, I’m sure you will know what I mean. When a mother deliver their baby and the nurse take the baby (clean them up, make sure they are healthy, etc) and put them in a white clear something to lay them down and even let them sleep in it… If you know what I mean, I want a overlay of that as well but 3 of it so it can be in the deliver room with the mother.

Please if you do, that will be really great and I will give credit to you or whoever backgrounds and overlays it is.

Thank you!

I can help.

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Just send me the details!

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Which one are you planning on doing?

As much as I can.

This is the plane overlay.

What kind of blanket do you want?

Any blankets. But I want it to be Episode kind of style not real life. If that makes sense.

Lol, I know what you mean.

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Sideways, or forwards.

Both please and thank you very much!

bruise1 bruise2


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This is perfect! I forgot another main thing. Smoke effect overlay.

I have dripping mascara.

Please can I used it? I’ll credit you.


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Doesn’t this belong to @shellyg ? I think you just cropped it.

1 Like I don’t want anybody backgrounds or overlays re-edit or cropping. I don’t tolerate that.

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