Creator's: Backgrounds and Overlays Needed


Yes, it appears to be that has cropped one of my overlays. Not cool.


Excuse me?! Here I am being nice, helping someone out. And I’m being accused of stealing! I found that on Google! I simply searched; smoke png. and that’s what popped up. I am NOT a thief.


I hate this stupid drama, I have never, and never will steal art intentionally.


You should know that google is not a credible source. Most things on google are copyrighted. You shouldn’t be sharing copyrighted images with other people. It could get them, and you, in legal trouble.


I was referring to the blanket overlay.


I am sorry for that, It will not happen again. I’ll delate the photo immediately. And not trust sketchy looking photos.


I sencirally hope you enjoy the overlays I’ve found for you @Cannie. Hope they do well in your story! :blush:


Thank you for most of the overlays. Even though @shellyg overlay blanket was there and you have no idea about it and thanks for deleting it as well so we all wouldn’t cause any problem here.


I feel like a bit of an idiot, getting heated up over the wrong overlay. I really have to learn to think before I speak. :relaxed: