[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


OOF, I had this thread on watching… xD I was wondering who was emailing me during school


I’d probably make up your own just in case, better safe than sorry! :joy:


Can I make my character go on a exchange somewhere around the world? Will that fit into the description


I think I might change my story to a fantasy adventure, I think I can carry that out a bit better :blush:


I’d love to join!But I have one question, @Liz does the amount of reads define how close you are to winning?If yes, I won’t join because I don’t have a chance at winning looking at that I would most probably publish it as my first story :confused:

  • Something to note: Stories must get around 100 reads for the calculations to be statistically valid. From testing we know that if a story does not get at least 100 reads it is unlikely to be a hit with Episode Readers.

From here:

So you don’t need to have the most reads to win, but you need to have enough that your retention can be judged (at least, that’s my understanding).


Like realistic ones or Episode edits ones?

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Okay, thank you!Guess I missed that art of the announcement :sweat_smile:

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I really Wanna join this contest But I already joined the missed connection story one So I have 2 stories I need to work on too and update

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The retention-gauging explanation makes sense to me. But…

Obviously something’s not a “hit” with readers if it only has 3 of them. :roll_eyes: But whether it would be is a different matter in my mind. I read some really good stories from the MC contest that had under 100 reads. I think it’s hard to make assumptions about quality based on a purely hypothetical audience. Not every new Episode writer coming in with no audience can self-promo their story.

I suppose they are entitled to narrow down entries the way they see fit. I just think it’s unfortunate that a story which hasn’t been reader-tested can automatically be dismissed as reader-disapproved, when it might actually have merit.


Yeah… I’m not too sure how long you have to gain those 100 reads either.
The MC entries were announced after just 10 days. So what was the cut off to gain those reads? A week? Less?
For a lot of people, 100 reads in a week is a lot.


Yeah, I know when they announced the results, many people commented they still had stories they planned to read which they just hadn’t gotten to yet. And if results are announced in 10 days, do they start looking at numbers after 5? 7? 3? We’ll likely never know.


@EliseC, @Cee, I think we should ask @Liz this question, as I would like to know. Only 'cause 10 days was really quick when they said it wouls take two-plus weeks to judge. As I would also like to know if the judges read all the stories or only the ones with high retention scores?


That’s answered in the Episode Explained: Creator’s Contests guide (they don’t).
But I do want to know what the time frame is to get the 100 reads.
Also this:

  • For context approximately half of all contest entries do not earn the necessary number of reads. Of the remaining half of entries that do get at least 100 reads, 15 - 30 of those stories have high enough retention to move into the next phase.


What level of Reader Retention do you look for?
It does vary a little bit (and has changed over time), but currently we look at retention for the first 3 chapters of a story for shelves and contests. We like stories to keep about ⅔ of readers by then end of Chapter 1, ½ by the end of Chapter 2 and about ⅓ by the end of Chapter 3.

Might help?


So your saying just because my story didn’t reach 100 reads it might have not gotten reviewed?


That’s what it sounds like based on what I quoted above and what the Episode Explained: Creator’s Contests guide says.


I guess that is why some people assume better known authors have a better chance of winning because they could more “reads” quicker than a newbie :thinking:


If this is true then I feel really strongly that it isn’t fair. I mean I did everything Episode recommends to get more reads, but honestly it doesn’t work. Even now my entry only has 25 reads.


I just have an overactive imagination… I read it and that is what came out I thought it would be different from what most people are going to which is throw in some romance. If I was to write it would be all about stakes and how far M.C is willing to take up to keep him/her alive.


What sub-genre is everyone thinking about using? :heart:

  • Fantasy
  • Sci-Fi
  • Comedy
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Mystery
  • Horror/Thriller
  • None

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