[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


Does the story have to be INK or Limelight? Or can we choose?

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Thank you so much! I didn’t see the sentence.

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No problem :heart::heart:


Yeah, your safest bet is to make your own Emergency funding company.


We do answer this in the Episode Explained: Creator’s Contest article:

For the Missed Connections contest, we looked at numbers after 8 days. We also had a higher than average number of winners this time around.

If you read the article, we explain that entries with high retention are the ones reviewed by the team. If you haven’t already, the article is worth taking a look at.

Episode Explained: Creator’s Contests


In terms of entries under 100 reads not having their retention counted, however…

Is that 100 reads after the close of the entry window?

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Yes, retention testing does not start until after the entry deadline closes. This is so that authors who publish early do not have an advantage over authors who need more time to complete their stories.


Right, but I mean raw read numbers. The linked post says, " Stories must get around 100 reads for the calculations to be statistically valid." Does that mean 100 reads after the deadline? So a story which accrues 200 reads before the deadline is even up, would need 300 total after the deadline?

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Yes, reads / retention do not count before the entry deadline. This is why so many authors wait until right before the end of the entry period to publish.


That’s actually very good to know, thank you. I thought publishing earlier was an advantage so you could gain more reads beforehand, but that wouldn’t be fair now that I think of it :sweat_smile:

I may be entering this contest, because I’m more known for art in the community but writing sound soooo fun! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Liz, does that mean that the stories that passed the retention were then judged against the rubric in the day or two before the winners were announced? Or was this step started earlier for stories that clearly had enough retention?


Thanks for clarifying!

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After reading the article 3 times, I’m still confused.
You are saying that after the deadline passes, any story with less than 100 reads is not read? The stories have to gain 100 reads with the time span after the deadline closes to the time you start grading. When is this this gap? :thinking:


Sounds like it varies. For Missed Connections it was 8 days.

So I think publishing close to the deadline, then trying to get as many reads as possible to get up to 100 within the week after is our best bet to make sure a) our retention counts and b) our retention is counted high enough to move onto the rubric round.

That’s assuming they don’t look at entries until after those numbers are calculated. I’d be curious to see the answer to @EliseC’s question about when the rubric process begins.


Honestly, its very hard to get that many reads in such a short amount of time. :joy:


For sure. I thought I only had to worry about retention, but :fearful:

I still don’t even have enough raw reads on my MC entry to qualify. :joy:


So true my entry still does not even have that many reads. :cold_sweat:
So I’m hoping I qualify for this contest. :sweat_smile:


Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t3:


You too, if you are entering. :slightly_smiling_face: Otherwise, this just got awkward.