[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


That was fast! I’m still planning everything hehe


is it alright to use spotlight

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How many people’s stories will be on the shelf?


According to this post, it’s anywhere between 6-18. The last contest had 18, but that was higher than most previous contests.


Thank you! Oh and I love your profile pic!

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Thanks! :slight_smile:


Is it ok if there’s a lack of choices? Because I only add important choices to my stories.

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There is a section for choices on the rubric, and having none does get a low score.

However, I don’t know if you need to have a LOT to perform well. The highest score is for choices with impact, and if you have a few choices that are very important, that might be just fine.

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Oh wow! You researched this pretty well! However, this may be hard for me, because english isn’t my main language. I think my directing is fine. But, still. I don’t stand a chance.


I participated in the contest before this, so I think a lot of the guidelines are fresh in my mind from that! :blush:

Going by numbers, most of us won’t win, but hopefully even if we don’t, we’ll still find readers who appreciate our entries. Just give it your best shot.

Sometimes before the deadline, people will share links to their stories before publishing them. You might find someone who will help you proofread for things. When you have your 3 episodes ready, you can always put a share link here and ask if anyone will proofread. Maybe you can offer to check their directing in return.


Thank you! And good luck! I always try my best. I haven’t been to any contest before, because I always forget, so I don’t have time. But this time, I saw it on time, but I’m pretty new to the contests.


Thanks! Good luck to you too!

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@Liz I asked my friends what they thought of my idea, but they said it doesn’t fit the requirements? I wanted to do a tennis player who injured her leg and arm, and she’s afraid to start playing sports again… but she does it anyway?

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I found someone don’t worry. Thankyou though. :sweat_smile:

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I won a contest having only two choices per episode. They all mattered, though (they were adding/substracting character points that determined the ending). So as long as they matter, you don’t need to add 5-7 unimportant choices to every chapter :smiley: Not having them at all, though, will hurt your rubric score.


She must want to go there


Second one all the way!

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What do you guys think about this story?

Title: Adventurous: Onstage

Plot (because I haven’t figured out a description yet): The MC is really funny, but too shy to go onstage. When one of her friends convinces her to try out improv club, will she be able to handle the spotlight?

This story would be in spotlight style, because I’m not a great coder.