[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


Very true! Also I’m going to read your story in a moment, I’m just trying to get my first episode done :))


Hahahah that’s good you finally put your idea into a story


cool! no rush! yeah, i thought that my idea kind of find with the theme and then i just beefed it up to fit the theme a bit more. At the end of the day, i still wanted to make this story so its a win win for me and gave me motivation! I’m currently converting my stories into limelight since all are ink except for 1 lol.but Let me know what you think. And let me know when you post yours/what it is called and i’ll read yours too.

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Sorry i didnt see that. The question i emailed them was about me asking if my views dont count until after the deadline and you confirmed that with your comment.


Could I test read your story? I’m very surprised that you finished that much in that amount of time. I’m just afraid that you may have rushed it. So I would be willing to tell you.

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Well, you didn’t really need to email them as all the information has been stated in forums and linked in the first post of this thread. Not too hard to find, it’s here. :wink:

What is the process of running a contest?
Contest entries go through a bunch of steps to make it to the winners’ shelf in the app. Each story must pass each step in order to make it on to the next one. Once the entry window closes the stories go into a phase of retention testing which allow readers in the app the chance to play through them. This period usually lasts around 7-14 days after which stories move through the following phases:

3. What is the entry’s Reader Retention or Reader Engagement on the first 3 chapters?
Check out our Episode Explained: Reader Retention to learn more about what this is and why we use it. Because the primary goal of contests is to challenge our authors to create stories that our reader community will love, we use reader retention as an objective, numerically based, method to judge reader interest in entry stories. We believe if a higher percentage of players read further into the story, it suggests they enjoy it more. Stories who meet the benchmarks for their first three chapters move on to the next phase. _

  • Something to note: Stories must get around 100 reads for the calculations to be statistically valid. From testing we know that if a story does not get at least 100 reads it is unlikely to be a hit with Episode Readers.

Side note to @sealed_stories and @E_Summers: Please try not to spam the thread with multiple posts one after the other. If you forgot to add something or think of something later on, then just edit your post. That way other forumers won’t be bothered by a whole load of notifications when they next login. :slight_smile:

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I started the first episode along time ago and had the idea along time ago but sure , you can go test read it and tell me what you think. I’m sure it’s not perfect but it was really to the best out of my ability. lol


I DID read this. I emailed for clarification.


sounds good! I’ll let you know once I’ve read it

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I don’t even know how u did the side note. and i’m not sure how to do all those things. or what u really mean lol i almost didnt click the blurred side note lol I’m not a forum person lol. I’ve only been on here a few times. usually just to see when contests are coming out.


As in, rather than replying several times, to multiple people, try to reply to them all in one post.
As for learning about how forums work, that’s another thing that is easy to fine. :slight_smile: Here’s the tutorial and here is the guide to writing posts.


[spoiler]I Am starting to understand now lol!..Sort of.:stuck_out_tongue:, unless i was supposed to use the spoiler one lol. [details=“Summary”]
I looked at all the icons of stuff I can do. but do i just add on like this and leave my old comment on the bottom i still dont get that part lol

But if I edit my post every time then I have to delete the last thing that I wrote? Is that correct?

To the bottom! okay thank you! I will learn eventually!


No, not at all. Just adding/adjusting!


I don’t even know the name of your story? :joy:




Do you have an instagram at all? If it’s alright with you, I’d like to add your story to my list of Adventurous stories so that people can get as many reads as possible <3

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aww how nice!! it is e_.summers
:smiley: <3

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Okay, thank you! I’ve added you to the list <3

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Thank you! and are you still continuing more episodes to your story. I’m assuming your name on here is the same as episode lol :stuck_out_tongue: ASSUMNG

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Yes! Assuming you’re talking about VH hahaha the next episode will be released once this contest is over and the winners have been announced <3

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