[Creator's Contest] Adventurous

Thank you! Good luck to you too! Also the idea of a group sounds really cool!

Anyone can join on Episode Forums. The requirement is to have 3 chapters written.

Also, the group won’t be made yet, because I don’t think anyone wrote 3 chapters yet.

Okay, cool! Thanks!

No problem! :blush::blush::blush:

I’ll probably make the group in a month or so, because we have well overa month.

Although, I have a 1 week break right now, I have a very important school year. So I don’t know if I’ll do it in time. I definitely would make the group to read your stories.

I’ve got an idea but I’m not sure if it’s classed as adventure or not?

Title: virtual reality

(Haven’t got a description yet)
But basically while playing with a virtual reality headset a bolt of lightning hits the power box and sucks you into the game. You have to try and find your way home but have to complete challenges on the way?

Edit: my friend said it sounds too close to jumanji? (This was unintentional as I never thought about it until my friend said this)


While I think this sounds like an amazing story idea, it doesn’t really fit the guidelines of Adventurous. I think the character would have to be willing to get sucked into the game.

I have been working on a story that fits the theme which actually reflects some of my personal in real life experiences with gangs and violence and such however I’ll obviously have to babyfy it. Sometimes the guidelines sucks when 13 year olds nowadays are completely different and not as innocent as episode likes to portray. Its basically impossible to write a real life story and raise awareness without breaking the guidelines which I think needs to somewhat change
Like gangs for instance is no fairytale falling in love with the gang leader and living happily ever after lol
In the first episode of my story the MC witnesses her ‘boyfriend’ stab a shopkeeper over something so small which is a reoccurring thing in the UK currently but anyway I’m going off topic. I’ll probably enter and then write a more in depth story on watpad.


Heyyyy everyone, :raised_hand:t4:

This sounds amazing, good job! Also, I wish loads of luck to everyone entering! :heart:

Lots of love,
Ari x


I’m so used to write romance/drama stories. :joy: I never wrote action/adventure stories. But i really want to enter this to test my limits :joy:
Maybe I’ll write a story about this :thinking:

Lol jk

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@Liz Can I have an MC who becomes adventurous? She will start off kind of shy and then she will be willing to do new things.


I see what you mean actually;

This is a hard one this time :joy:

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That’s why I’m gonna publish my story asap so I can publish it and then promote. I think there will be more time for people to read it that way than if I publish it a week before the deadline


I don’t think it’s too close to Jumanji. The only real similarity is the basic idea of going into the game, and lots of stories have similar starting concepts while still feeling very new. It depends on how you develop the idea beyond that one plot point. If the setting, characters, and story are different, you can make the reader forget any Jumanji similarities. Plus there are plenty of books and films set in VR and video games that don’t all feel alike.

I think it would work. You just have to make sure your protagonist has an adventurous spirit. So maybe before they get pulled into the game, they wish their life was more exciting like the game. Even though the means of entering the game is external, if the MC embraces the transition, it should fit the prompt.

You can also set the story in a game without the magical transportation factor. Maybe they want to try a VR game to make their life more exciting, but it malfunctions and they get stuck inside. Then you can kind of give the character agency in immersing themselves into the “other world” of the game, and still add the challenge of being unexpectedly stuck.


Only problem is no reads count until after the deadline so if loads of people read it before the deadline thwn their reads won’t count


Oh, then that’s stupid. They give you like, ten days after the deadline before they announce the winners. It took me, I’d say, at least a month to get even one read on my story. Unless you’re a VERY popular author that can get lots of reads in such a short amount of time, then this is nearly impossible :neutral_face:


If you check Liz’s posts above, we actually only have about 7 days to get reads before they start looking at numbers and making decisions. :frowning:


Specially for newer writers… we need some solid reads slightly before the actual deadline… that is just my opinion…

We cant compete against well known authors who already have solid fans waiting for their stories so they can read them. #ExperienceLol