[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


Tips for begginers:

  1. Before you start writing, you have to have your plot planned out. You can’t just go on the computer and write something spontaneously.

  2. Have proper grammar. Personally, I instantly click of the story if I see that there are no dots at the end of a sentence, and if you mix up your and you’re.

  3. Have a good plot. Make readers entertained. People obviously won’t stay if your story isn’t interesting. At the end of an episode, leave them on a cliffhanger (mean but a good strategy).

  4. Be original. Don’t just steal somebody’s idea.

  5. Have a good description. The thing that will make people read your story is the description.

  6. Make a good cover. People won’t read your stories if you don’t have covers.

  7. Have good backgrounds and overlays. I recommend @amepisode and @alexa.episode
    on Instagram.

  8. Have good directing. People like when authors put advanced directing.

  9. Important choices. Don’t put 15 unnecessary chocies. It’s better to put a few important ones, like the ones that impact your relationships.

  10. Not too long, but not too short episodes. If your story is too long, people will just click off. And if your story is too short, people won’t bother to spend another pass on your episode.

  11. Diversity. Put people with different skin colors, sexuality and religions.

I hope this was helpful for begginers.


You must completely fill out this Google form after you publish your story.

You may NOT use or re-title a previously published story. This must be a new and original work that has not previously been published to Episode or another platform.

So… stupid question: if I publish my story today (so that people can correct directing or grammar mistakes), will it be regarded as a “previously published story” ? (I have “Adventurous” written in the story title but not in the story URL).


Send your share link so we can correct mistakes, don’t publish it if you are not ready too. Since there is like 4 weeks left.


I have different way of writing so I have 3 unfinished chapters :smiley:


Oh thank you! I didn’t know I could use my share link without having to publish first chapters :laughing:


Reading, watching movies and tv shows, playing video games or even listening to music can really help with writer’s block! Remember that no plot is ever truly original; even Tolkien’s writing was greatly influenced by the Poetic Edda and Beowulf, among other works. Stories generally consist of the writer’s experiences + the media they’ve consumed and are influenced by. It might help to step away from your story for a day or two and look for inspiration in works you admire, as long as you’re careful not to plagiarize anyone.


I also find that the forum community also helps me loads. Maybe try reading/joining/creating some RPs or SGs in forums? :wink: @Greebabubba


I only wrote the description :joy::joy: :sob:


Wow, Hmmm well… At least you can publish the description? Lmao.
I honestly don’t know what happened to me though… When I was younger I could write an episode in a day, (This was on old accs…) I think one of the stories on my old was “the kings daughter?!” I don’t know… I was into fairytales when I was younger… xD Moral is… I used to write episodes in a day and say they took weeks, Now I spend about a month to do 2 episodes… NEVER PROCRASTINATE. XD


I’m seriously considering just stopping


Thank you so much, this really helped x


Yeah I used to take a couple of days but now a take like an year to write a chapter :joy::joy::sweat_smile:


I’m so glad it did! You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right?
Even if you don’t win, the contest is free advertising, so entering costs you nothing (except your sanity). And who knows, you might end up on that shelf!


You are so right!


I accidentally did the google doc before I published my story do I just re submit when I’m done.


I don’t think you can, like you can but I’m not sure if it would work


Tag @/Liz and ask.


@liz what if I did the google doc before I published my story do I just resubmit when I actually publish it or it’s fine.


@Ciserdi I don’t exactly know if it applies but this may be what you might have to do when you publish your story.


I just have a half chapter left and them Im done.

I just keep writing chapters, but what is smartest? Upload the next chapters while the contest is on or when its finished?