[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


Thank you! and are you still continuing more episodes to your story. I’m assuming your name on here is the same as episode lol :stuck_out_tongue: ASSUMNG


Yes! Assuming you’re talking about VH hahaha the next episode will be released once this contest is over and the winners have been announced <3


Yes i was! good job. Was wondering if u were going to continue. I made and H & V too. has NO wear the same amount of reads as you though lol :stuck_out_tongue: and its LGBT. I’ll be waiting for that new episode! lol


You don’t have to, just add to the bottom. You don’t have to delete anything.


I have added the story to my favorites. I’m going to read it when the the reads counts!


AWWW thank you SOOO much EpisodeHoneyy ! that means alot! I really hope that you enjoy it :smiley:
If you have something you would like me to read let me know! (even if its not for the contest!)


Your welcome! Im gonna enter too, Ive just finished chapter 3 :tada: mine is; Adventurous; Ophetine and the 5 tasks. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




okayyy! i will keep an eye out for it on the 2nd!!


Would you like me to beta read, or have you already published your story?


They’ve already published. :wink:


can anyone create a cover for me for this contest please???


what is beta read?


When you have someone read your story before you publish it, so they can let you know what they think of your story and any errors you may have made.


lolo I know that, but howww do i do that?


u ask people to read it by sharing yr story link to them.


and they can see it in beta mode? or r u talking about when its published. b/c i already new that


Yes, you can share your link for someone(or people) to read before you publish and they can be a beta reader, but since you’ve already published your story, you just share the link.


@E_Summers :point_up::point_up::point_up:


Thank you guys for letting me know . I was confused about that. but can I still do that even when published? so that the views wont count or no?