[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


You’re welcome. … You can still do it, but all the views you get won’t count until April 2nd.


I no that it wont count lol which is why im asking if I could still do it. thkx


Okay so, I am no longer going to enter this contest because I feel like I have no ideas for the story and it’s my second contest in a row and I accidentally filled out the Google Form so I think I’ll wait for the next one or the one after that one.


works patiently on story entry and sees how many weeks left till deadline…



I was just wondering if anyone would be open to beta read my story for me? I’m currently almost done chapter 2 and just need to add animation and sounds. If anyone is open or would like to beta read the first chapter for now I would appreciate it!

I’m also looking for feedback on the story and what I can add to make it more interesting to the reader. The more Beta readers the happier I am, I’m also open to criticism so don’t be scared to tell me what you do not like and how I can improve. You can either DM me or just reply to this message. I would also be happy to beta read your stories!

Thank you!


I can always help!


Thank you! I’ll DM you!


I’ve been beta reading for so many that I may as well offer if you need another. :wink:


I would appreciate it, but if your busy you don’t have to.


Nah, as long as I can do it within 2-3 days, it’s all gravy and not a worry at all! :wink:


I’ll DM you then!


Sure what kind of cover do you need making?


doesn’t matter anymore i found someone but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


I’ll read your story when the views count!


Just wanted to say good luck to everyone who’s entering the contest! It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of dedication and it’s hard to do, so no matter how you do be proud of yourself. Good luck everyone! Xx


Fair enough, it’s a lot of work and it’s harder when you don’t have an idea as well. I hope you do well in the next contest :))


THANK U SOOO MUCH! I will read yours too when its out. After april 2 just comment on here the name of it and ill read it:)


Hello everyone!
I’ve been reading episode a looooong time now :joy: and recently I’ve decided to take a go at writing stories I’ve published one story and decided I would give this contest a go! I’m looking for a proof reader and a cover maker which will do a cover! I will obviously give you the credits and everything! If someone’s interested please reply to this message Or dm me on Instagram- VickyWrites.Episode
THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart:


Good luck everyone! I hope to be entering this if I can meet the deadline :smiley:


Thank you, I hope you do well too. :slightly_smiling_face: