[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


good luck to everyone! if anyone would like to do a r4r after i’ve published my entry just PM me!


We FINALLY started ours, and even though we might not finish in time, I’m pretty happy about it. I’m co-writing my entry with my partner, who’s never written on Episode before. I think he was underestimating how much time it takes, but now he’s getting pretty interested in learning the ins and outs. We have a half-completed mess of a first Episode so far. :partying_face:


Ooo that’s great! Good luck :heart:


I’m actually getting scared i’m only 1 1/2 episodes in and i’ve been writing since the beginning… Hope I’ll finish in time :frowning:


I’ve only done one episode. And that one has some odd error. :sweat_smile:


What error?


Some error saying some branch is unexpected. But I checked and nothing is wrong. :woman_facepalming:t4:


I may be able to help you, i get messages like that all the time usually its some small thing like an extra space lol


Thanks but someone has already PM me for that error. Though currently we are both confused on what happened. I should maybe add you to the chat. :yum::thinking:


yes!! add me i’m sure i can help :smiley:


Just added you.


Will do xx


thank you!


I’m the same, but we can do it


@sealed_stories, I’m just going to quote this again, as you may not have seen it the first time. :wink:


Yep been up all night trying to finish T_T currently 1,500 lines in.


I only get notification that are personally directed to me I do not get notifications for everyone that is commenting. maybe all of you can change your notifications some how. And I already saw your post. Also I didnt even type on here for like 2 days. I commented once 15 hours ago and she replied back. so there was no need to resend that. All she replied saying was ‘will do.’ I wouldnt really call that “being bothered by a whole load of notifications”. I can see other people posting on here more than me.

It’s okay… No worries :slight_smile:


what we need:
sword fighting animations
horse riding animations
moving horses (like in positively princess)
more fighting animations
bow and arrows

thanks lol


No, no, sorry. I forgot to untag you, this wasn’t directed at you at all. I know you saw and replied to it. It was to @sealed_stories, as she never replied to the first post and just replied three times in a row.

What is this list for and whom are you directing it too?


I may think u need to make a thread on this and not here because it isnt a good idea to talk about something else that maybe not related to the contest. :wink: