[Creator's Contest] Adventurous


PM me :):blush:


Who else is like this you wanna try to do this but your mind is blank for the plot.


I’m purposefully making my episodes a bit shorter just because there’s no way I could write three full-length episodes within the contest’s time frame :sob:


Same. :see_no_evil:


Two more weeks and there’s deadline… Last month was crazy for me, totally not my tempo :smiley:

There’s description of my story for the contest:
Thanks to her mindreading skills, Blanka became a perfect fraud. Now, she can redeem herself by going on an undercover mission as a teacher in high school.

I hope it will interest some of you. I can’t wait to read other contest stories :slight_smile:


Almost done episode one, LOL. I’m coding a mini game and it’s taking forever. But here’s the story description:

Different landscapes and different people make a month-long train ride vary at every stop. Where are you going? Let your choices decide…

(CC, M/F Love, Points System)


im just gonna make these episodes short :woman_facepalming:t3: :sob: and interesting description @Alusza :sunglasses:


I’m at chapter 5 :see_no_evil: can’t stop the writing haha.

Is someone gonna make a list with all the stories? I saw a few of them on my instagram and it really sounds interesting


I guess once their out their gonna make a list or @LyraKeiken can put a list down because she made a form for people who are entering the contest to put their story in the form so we will see what is what. I suppose. :thinking:


Only just started chapter 2 gonna make them only 1000 lines officially or less.


yess im totally gonna try! Good luck everyone!


ARRGGGHHHH! Why do you tell me this?! NOOO!

Oooh… this sounds interesting. :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Umm… a little confused about the gist of the story, but it sounds like an interesting concept.

WHAT? FIVE? :astonished::astonished::astonished:

Yes, I will make another one on here, around the time of the deadline! :wink:

She did?


yeah on Instagram. :grin:

good idea.


Essentially, the story focuses on a train ride to a destination decided by the points system. You sleep on the train (in what are called berths) and meet different people at each train stop. But thanks for telling me the description is a bit confusing – I’ll have to work on it :smiley:


That’s such a cool idea! Do you know what you’re going to title it so I can search it up one day?


Oh, yeah, I did hear that!

I thought so! :wink:

Righto. As I said, sounds like a great concept, just confused about the point of the story. I mean, what is the adventure and how will your MC be a risk-taker?


It will be called Adventurous: All Aboard :slight_smile: I’ll let you know when I publish it!


Yeah! I’ll release the list when reads count so people can maximise their chance of being noticed. If anyone wants to fill out the form, it som my Instagram @lyrakeiken


In this case, the adventure is in the journey! Think of a story about a main character flying to Paris for an adventure. The plane/flying would probably be glossed over in favour of having the MC explore Paris. For my story, the plane (or train, in this case) is the adventure. :slight_smile: (And when it comes to risk-taking, that’s all in the backstory :wink: )


I think if they end up at the place by accident or are possibly forced to go, it’s fine as long as they still take risks and try new things while at this place and show that adventurous side of them