[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections

That’s what I thought… I’ve started an idea but I think it’ll be cute to have an ad like that. Maybe they both do one and see each others :woman_shrugging:


Oof I have a GOOD story for this but if i start it it’d distract me from my main —
IF ANYONE WANTS TO WRITE TOGETHER PM ME !! So it’d be easier :slight_smile:

tysm!!! @CosmicIvy :heart_eyes: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

this sounds great!

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@Liz I’m sorry if I missed something but I’ve re-read the post again and again and I can’t see it. Is there a requirement that an author can only enter with ONE story? Is it possible to enter BOTH with your own story and co-operate with another author? Thanks.


Here’s what she said before.


Oh thank you!!

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Thank you!

Thank you! The story will be published by the end of the month.

Might join this contest :blush:

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Awwww we used to have these ads in the train-newsletter. Reminds me also of the time a very shy guy gave me a note at the end of a bus-trip. Mmmm those good old days :slight_smile:
Okay… I have an idea but I don’t think I can pull it off before end of January. War, soldier and nurse… :heart_eyes:


I have a problem… is it a problem if I chose an title for the story, but now I want to change it. The thing is that the link still has the first title name, and I am not sure if that’s allowed.

Please help me!

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Yeah, that’s fine : )

As long as it isn’t published yet, you can change your story name as much as you want (your story link will have the same first name that you chose and it will stay that way)

Like before, when we had to write Demi Lovato and Mean Girls in order to get the colored speechbubbles we wanted, we’d need to change the title of the story to fit the contest entry requirements.

However, despite changing our story name to fit the contest theme, the url still had Demi Lovato or Mean Girls in it but it was still fine to submit the story as an entry.

Hope it makes sense what I’m saying :sweat_smile:


Ohh you’re right!

I was almost scared that I had to start over creating all the characters :joy::joy:
Thank you so much!

I started writing 3 days ago and just read this… now I realize the whole theme is kinda wrong. It reminds me to that netflix movie called “Sierra Burgess Is A Loser” in which the story is supposed to be so romantic and stuff, but it ends up with a crazy-liar MC. I’m not sure whether to continue writing the story and submit it to the contest or leave it out of it changing the plot. I’m scared that it won’t get the same recognition as if it was for the contest if so but I’m not writing a story that normalizes wrong behavior :sleepy: ugh idk what to do :sneezing_face:


No problem :smile_cat:

Good luck! :cake:

And good luck to everyone else who enters :sparkling_heart:

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omg the self steem of my creativity’s wig just flew to pluto.


Oh, you! :smile:

I’m very good at making non-creepy prompts creepy.
This theme is definitely challenging :rofl: