[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections

I actually think that might work if they don’t both realize they used to know each other right away. I actually had this happen where I met someone in college and like 5 months later they were like, “Btw, we went to camp together years ago. But I didn’t want to say anything because you didn’t remember me.” As soon as they brought that up, I remembered EXACTLY who they were from camp. Otherwise, if you have it so that they both know each other’s names and identities from the get-go, it’s hard for that to play out as a “missed connection.”


Hahahahahaha! Very funny that this is a



Awkward when that link leads to nothing :flushed:


Jfjalkdjakls the audacity :skull:


Ok so like does this means the MC tracks down the love interest throughout the whole story? bc i feel like it’s going to be quite difficult to make the two actually “fall” for each other without any verbal contact the whole time. Idk if im thinking way too deep about this & being dumb LOL ORRR… Can they actually have a few bonding conversations without them actually exposing yknow personal info like their names, age Etc bc i mean that would make sense i think idkk??

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Here’s the diversity thread for those who are wondering!

It’s a rule right? I should post this for new authors :slightly_smiling_face:


I can’t wait! Hopefully you’ll get it all done in time. ^^


I asked before, but I don’t think anyone answered, but are we allowed to post updates on our episode social media once it’s published? (Just want to be certain before I do)

I have done this on Instagram for my College Days entry-- I follow many authors who have posted updates and such on their Instagram as well :slight_smile:

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You definitely can.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Lmao I finish one last night

Yea, I believe we can continue updating it, but we just can’t change the three that were released

Thank you for answering🙃

It’s a shame that it has to be the MC looking for the LI. Otherwise, I’d do a story called “MC: The Stalker”. Make it about a protagonist who’s being stalked by someone who thought they had a moment, which drives them into the arms of a new bodyguard they hired. Female bodyguard because I love Strong Girl Bong Soon


Write this ^^^ contest or not


omg this is gonna be so hard to write

Studying if to enter or not…but if I do …WISH ME LUCK…!!!..:crown::crown::ring::gem::gem::ring::crown::crown::100::gem::ring::gem::crown::slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::100::heart::heart::100::100::star2::star2:


:We would love to see diverse characters in your stories! For example, characters who are people of color, non-heteronormative, or are of varying religions and socioeconomic backgrounds, just to name a few! To read more about diversity and inclusion on Episode go here ." Clicking on this link was a dead end road.


This is the thread