[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Do you still need help?


yes with the cover art.


It’s a edit right


gym by edit?




I MEAN wym by edit


Like a cover edit


like u make It?




yes please can u pm me


What’s the missed connections ad? Am I being silly and missing something simple? Please help :cold_sweat:


It’s an ad in the paper or online. Usually something like …

“Our eyes met at the bar on Yale Street in Chicago! I am trying to find my blue eyed beauty. I was the tall, dark, and handsome guy in a blue v-neck. Message me what color shirt you were wearing so I know it’s really you.”



So the mc in the story has to make an ad about their missed connection???


Not necessarily. The concept I think is more about meeting Mr. Or Mrs. Right and not getting/losing their contact information. So they try to find them and connect again.


That’s what I thought… I’ve started an idea but I think it’ll be cute to have an ad like that. Maybe they both do one and see each others :woman_shrugging:


Oof I have a GOOD story for this but if i start it it’d distract me from my main —
IF ANYONE WANTS TO WRITE TOGETHER PM ME !! So it’d be easier :slight_smile:


tysm!!! @QueenIvy :heart_eyes: :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


this sounds great!


@Liz I’m sorry if I missed something but I’ve re-read the post again and again and I can’t see it. Is there a requirement that an author can only enter with ONE story? Is it possible to enter BOTH with your own story and co-operate with another author? Thanks.