[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Agreed. :smirk:


This kinda fits to one of my story ideas, but I wasnt planning to write in romance genre :thinking: Can I change the genre after the winners will be announced? :sweat_smile:


Yes, Maternal Instincts had to be in romance last year when first published, but look at it now. Right @EliseC ?


Nah, there was no genre requirement last year.
It just had to be about love, any love :rofl:


I predicted this and actually did a little bit research on the romance genre. Apparently there are 7 types of romance subgenres.

You can write about anything as longs as it fits a romance subgenre. It’s just like Thriller. There are lots of thriller genres (drama thriller, supernatural thriller, fantasy thriller etc.) and romance has them too. It’s just a bit unfortunate that a story about locating a stranger has to be in romance genre. I hope this can be reconsidered.


Ohhhh, I really thought that there was last year hahaha oh well


We mustn’t… It’s creepy & normalizing stalking behavior.

I understand how you can flip the prompt around creatively but someone will take this literally & it’s very very disturbing.

The least you can do is let us put our story in genres we want? Like @ELx said.


I was kinda hoping that this new competition wouldn’t promote mostly cliche stories. The last one kinda forced writers into a cliche trap. Previous competitions have been a lot better at encouraging writers to think outside of the box.


Is it bad that I was planning a stalker ruining a happy relationship long before the contest announcement :sweat_smile:

It’s bad that we have to put it in romance. But it could depend.

In Glitch Girl, MC meets LI, she gets his name but no number or anything similar to it. Just the name and the look. But they obviously clicked and they want to see each other (I’ve only read 4 episodes though)

But a MC seeing someone and crushing over them trying to find their name, location when the LI doesn’t know it, is really creepy.


So could the main character meet this love interest online?


Pretty sure the answer is yes.


I look forward to reading these!




Wow, amazing. I love Romance genre. Gonna try.:heart::heart::heart::heart:


I’m a bit curious, what is a ‘missed connections ad’?


Look at craigslist (at your own risk … )


It’s an ad in the paper or online. Usually something like …

“Our eyes met at the bar on Yale Street in Chicago! I am trying to find my blue eyed beauty. I was the tall, dark, and handsome guy in a blue v-neck. Message me what color shirt you were wearing so I know it’s really you.”


Do people actually do that? Damn, you learn something new everyday :open_mouth:


Seriously, this contest stems from a type of online ad? Though I could play with this if I write something


I stole a rated G one from my local Craigslist

My take was that it’s more the concept of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right, and then not getting their contact information. So, I don’t think it’s necessarily a concept based on online ads. But people in those situations often do use online ads as their only hope to find that “missed connection” again.