[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


This is so cool! I adore writing but never make a story as I don’t think the coding is for me :upside_down_face:. Well good luck to everyone who participates!


I suggest you don’t tell people on here what your idea is. Because osomebody could steal it.


I deleted it. Do you think my story would work for the contest though?


We should collaborate one day. :wink:
I love coding (and writing) and have lately been thinking about being ‘director’ for other peoples writing since I seldom can publish any of my own written work on Episode.
If you’re interested pitch me an idea.


Ps. I was however thinking about entering this time (if I’ve got the time) as I already have an idea I’ve been working on.


you guys this is is my opinion but I don’t think you should tell your stories to people because if you do they could steal it.


yeah, its good if you need help ask me.


I’m not writing about what I wrote up above. I have a completely different story I will be writing for the contest. :wink:


Ik this is late but Strong Girl Bong Soon is such a good K-Drama :sparkling_heart:

Edit: This got reported and hidden for being off topic sorry…


It’s so good! I’d love an Episode story more in that vein. The problem is I don’t think it would work for MC


So… for the title, the format needs to be:
MC: [Insert title name here]
Missed Connections: [Insert title name here]

Which one is correct?


I think both are fine. MC: might be better


It’s MC, your first example is the one to use :smiley::+1:


I would love to collaborate! Would you want help on creating the plot for this contest? I’ll PM you soon to give some story ideas


if you meet someone online you typically have their information (at least name) they way it is written you can’t know anything about them… other then where you saw them and what they look like.


I am currently writing for this contest, I like to test chapter out on the app prior to moving on, but for some reason my story is not showing up on my app, I’ve tried everything but uninstalling the app, its annoying, I feel weird moving on in a chapter when I haven’t even made sure they first one turned out ok…


The main character will know the person’s name


That’s cool, I am just going by what @Liz wrote in the description/rules, it sounded like you weren’t suppose to know anything about them.
“Your main character connects with a new love interest, but being too shy or otherwise unable to get their name and contact information your character goes to great lengths to try and locate this alluring stranger…”


And @Liz can we show both characters’ names in the way that only the readers know their names, but not the characters themselves? :slight_smile:


As a fellow pizza lover, this lovely story makes my heart so warm :pray:t5::sob::pizza::two_hearts::two_hearts:
Bless you both :heartpulse::heartpulse:


I agree. I want to see a story where the girl is really athletic compared to the male lead who’s quite delicate. Basically gender roles being switched because it would be quite interesting. It feels like any strong lead seem to swoon as soon as they see a guy.