[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Sometimes you need to have three episodes before the story will show up in your app. Maybe try creating two dummy chapters?


I’m thinking that has to be it, I mean I have stories that I was going to start but never did that are all over app (lol of course) but not that one :joy:


okay wait so, it can’t be a mix of romance thriller and fantasy?


Out of curiosity can you submit more then one story to a contest? or is one story per author?


Nope, it’s one per author.


thank you


Yes, it can mix genres. It’s not like a romantic fantasy with wizards is less a Romance than a romantic comedy set in HS with cheerleaders. For example, I would say Titanic, The Princess Bride, and You’ve Got Mail all qualify as romances, but they’re also a drama, fantasy, and comedy respectively. As long as it’s primarily romance and could be appropriately shelved as romance, you should be fine. Just pick romance for the one you have to assign to it.


You’re a blessing, thank you!


Can LI know MC’s name but not actually know them know them?


Mines going to involve superheros (if I ever publish it) and it’ll be comedy too. Time to start writing :joy::clap:


Yh u need to create 3 chapters for it to appear


thats not what she meant she meant can she submit another story for this contest for example two by her self


Thinking of making a story, any ideas?


Entering! :two_hearts:


Does this sound good:
“August Willow is a hopless romantic, Kara Park is a stressed out popstar, and Jaxon just wants to belong. What will happen when they all meet?”

Any and all CONSTRUCTIVE criticism and comments are appreciated.


uhh kinda


This will be my first contest entry if all goes as planned. The OP says to allow three days for approval of backgrounds, overlays, etc. If we’ve gotten them approved ahead of time, does that mean the story will be up as soon as we publish it? I haven’t published anything on Episode yet, so I’m just wondering if I wait to publish just before the deadline, I’ll be on time assuming all my stuff was already approved.


remember it’s hopeless not hopless


I think you can do either… That is such a good question!!!


Whenever you have all three first chapters, just press that blue publish button when you feel you have everything and it will be published right away. Once it is published fill out the form that they sent in this thread so you can officially enter.