[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


I think that as long as you have that element in the first 3 chapters when you continue on you can develop the story more.


Actually you don’t I have unfinished stories on my apps, some with a full chapter (1) and some that do not even have a chapter written only the Narrator with Black screen… I don’t know why this story is so different. but I will finish at least 3 chapters before the deadline to test it, and they continue writing until right before the deadline.


I love the sound of it :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Do u have any unapproved bgs and ols in that chapter, otherwise it won’t show unless they are approved?


I might do a different idea though. but it might be based off yours?




I had that issue before and support told me that it was a common glitch that sometimes occurs. So some of your stories will show up with just one episode, but occasionally you need three just for it to show up under “create”.


The approval time is usually 6 days now (At least for me) so I’d suggest uploading them At least 5-6 days before the deadline, and Also I Believe the reads start counting After the deadline so I suggest publishing as near the deadline as possible


Same problem here. I sent the link underneath my story to my mobile phone and that works (only one chapter finished so there’s no need for three. You need three to be able to publish.)


Yeah odd, I have at least 5 stories with not even a chapter that I started and never finished, then 1 I am currently writing all show up on the app whether there are bg/overlays that need to be approved or not, but not this one :expressionless:


You sure you didn’t just eat the pizza and that’ why your heats warm? xD


You tell em sis :joy::joy::joy:


Are we allowed to have more than one entry because I have 2 really good story ideas and I don’t want to choose :joy:


No, it’s only one per person




Good luck picking one idea :grinning:


I kind of need a second opinion so would you be more interested in a romantic thriller or a comedic steamy romance


Personally, I’d read either, but I think a comedic romance is more tailored to the theme rather than a thriller romance


Ok thank you :sparkling_heart: I think I’ll go with the comedic romance then


Good luck