[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


I have an idea in mind but I’m not sure if it counts as “missed connections”.

the you and the love interest meet in your dreams. soon you fall for him and go on a wild goose chase to see if he even exists.
I know I explained it really bad cause I suck as explaining things but I hope you get the basic idea… :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I hope that counts as a missed connection, because it sounds cool!


I’d say that counts. I’m pretty sure episode likes you to think out of the box for contests too, so I definitely think this would fit the criteria


Thank you! @Cee and @amberose :blush: :grinning:


My description is:

After an ambush purposely stole Regan’s powers, she vows to uncover the man behind the mask whilst also facing her greatest rival yet - her heart
Romantic Comedy

Now I actually have to start writing :clap:


Yes, a superhero/villain story. You have my support!


My description:

Whilst trying to run from her past, Dylan gets into a horrible accident, only to be saved by a sexy stranger. Knowing him for only a few fleeting moments, Dylan vows to find him again so she can finally be safe in his arms. But will her past find her first?

It’s probably too long but I’m working on it lmao

Now all I need to do is type up everything :expressionless:


Would it be okay if we used “Missed Connections:…” instead of “MC:…” because I used “Missed Connections:…” and I don’t know wether to change it or not :thinking:


I think it has to be MC


Can the mc find the LI soon onto the story or does it have to take long until They find them because Idk What to write until They find them, so is it okay if They find each other like int he second or third chapter and build a connection afterwards?


Love this contest! I have some ideas… getting on it right now!


Hahahahhaha, could be both :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Alright, But I dibs the last slice of pizza if it’s pineapple. LOL.


:pineapple: on :pizza: >>>>>>>


Hey, I know what I can actually absorb without nausea and vomiting and that is either prawn or pineapple pizza. xD


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Very true. Not really the point I was going for tho… Anyway I edited it out. My point is I’d really love a contest that’s quite freestyle


Oh. Then I agree.


I do agree and I had a hard tile coming up with soemthing creative for this contest, K managed to come up with a idea But it still ended up being a kinda cliche idea in some ways, But I’m hoping you’ll be able to be even More creative with the next contest


I’m sure I could come up with something but this particular contest and dirty dancing seems a bit too closed to me… Just not my thing but good luck to everyone who’s writing!