[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Would anyone like to take a look at my entry so far? I’ve only written about 400 lines of my first episode (phew coding is hard and long work) and I want to know if my story has potential or if it’s too cliche or not

@ me or pm me if you’ve taken a look at it and I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts about it



Just finished first episode for this contest! If anyone wants to read it, click the link!
Feel free to share it with your friends and PM me to give me feedback!


I agree with this, though I prefer a vague theme over a genre, since I like taking innocent prompts and asking “how can I make this horror?” or something similar. The Star Power and Dream Job contests were great for that. I guess I still did something similar with this one (it has to be romance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be action/sci-fi), but I still like contests that produce a wide range of genres.

There was an adventure contest a while back. It was before my time in this community, but the shelf is still up on the app.


Even though it has to be MC, I kind of wish it didn’t. Maybe “Missed Connections” is too long to include with a title, but if we want to search for the contest entries, “MC” isn’t going to give very specific results. So many stories have things like “customize MC” in their description or keywords.


I would read it


How many chapters do we do


Definitely that’s exactly what I mean aha. I’d really love an open contest to see what people create although I always find it inspiring how people like you can think out of the box with themes like this that I consider a bit closed :slight_smile: It’s truly amazing!




You need to have at least three chapters published, but it doesn’t need to be completed


i am excited for this omg


well i wanted to customize my characters


Time travelers fall for someone in the past?


That’s what mine is about. :slight_smile:


i don’t think u guys should be telling y’all stories


anybody know how to move props for example a baby swaddle


Technically I didn’t share my plot idea. Someone else did inadvertently. :sweat_smile:


oh well the reason why i said it cause people could steal it.


Are the main characters allowed to have a deep conversation about their lives before they lose each other? Or would that take away from the “mysterious” element? Because I want them to be able to develop that connection before getting lost…


I totally agree and wouldn’t have brought it up if it hadn’t been already.


I figured since my story idea is now on this thread I might as well admit it’s what I’m writing so no one thinks I stole it later!