[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Yeah, that’s something me and my friend came up with,


Agree with you as well but I’m not joining the contest this time, That was the idea for the contest but me and my friend are going to connect it to our other story instead. I’m trying to teach her how to code so she can write too.


if u need help ill help but I’m not a pro but I’m good at like choices. etc. but not like moving overlays.


? i never… okay. i just gave u some advice…;-;


It’s nice of you to help her! I’m rubbish at coding so I’m just using Spotlight for my first story and assuming no one but me will read it.


Thank you for the offer. She isn’t on the forums though. I’m the only one that has the forums account and she has co-account on episode only.


I agree with your advice! I meant since the comment I first replied to described my plot, I might as well admit now I’m doing it so I don’t look like I slid in and stole it from this thread.




well if u need help I’m open. also does anybody know how to move a prop like an overlay.


oh well okay


Do you use the app or web previewer?


the app episode ??


i don’t use web cause I’ve been writing since 2015 so I’m okay like a B at coding.


Okay, click the director help button. Then go down to overlay helper. Once your in that part you click between scale/move button. When that button shows scale on it, you can move the overlay around with your finger. When it shows move you can adjust the size the same way.


alright thank u


I’m better with the web previewer than the app creation section.


No problem! Just message me if you have problems too. We can probably help each other out too.




I wish there was a drumming animation in limelight :slightly_frowning_face: :smile:


We need more sitting animations too :roll_eyes: