[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Oh, dear! I’m sure they’ll be pretty different. Mine’s not very action-oriented. There’s bound to be a lot of overlap in a contest this specific, but I admit I thought most stories would skew toward contemporary realism. I’d call mine a… sci-fi romdramedy, maybe? But I’m glad to know other people are mixing genres too!


That’s what I thought would happen too, but it’s good to see more people thinking outside of Episode’s usual preferences. Time travel romances aren’t that uncommon outside of Episode, but what makes it original is how you write it anyway. Best of luck on your story!


Thanks! Good luck to you as well.


happy new year


Hi guys, I need a small favor :sweat_smile: is someone willing to read my first episode and timed it? Because I have a lot of minigames there so I want to make sure it’s the right length :blush: thank you :black_heart:


can u do the same for me?


I’d be happy to if you need another :kissing_heart:



Of course, but I’m going to sleep now so I will tell you tomorrow if that’s okay (it’s midnight here)
@amberose it will actually help me because not everyone will get to every scene :grin: thank you :black_heart:
I will pm you both the link


Do we need to add choices?


According to the rubric, yes. There are 4 possible points for choices. If you have no choices, you get 1/4 of those points. CC or outfit choices will earn you a 2. Conversation choices are 3. Meaningful choices that impact plot are 4.


So… technically you aren’t disqualified for not having choices, but it will definitely negatively impact your story’s score.


Do they have to be love interests right away? Can it start off more of like a comedy type thing and then become romantic over time?


anyone wanna work on this together? I have a cool idea!


Welp, since I’m in the process of making the covers and intro, I guess it’s time to announce my official participation in this. @Annie_BeauTy and I are entering this one together. Our entry is called “Marry, Kiss, Kill”. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for it :v:


I don’t have the time to make a contest entry of my own, but just want to say it’s fun to see some truly inventive and interesting story concepts in this thread that I would have never even considered. (I mean, time travel romance? Love it.) Good luck to everyone entering!




When this was posted, I thought of joining my new story since it kinda has the same idea. Although, I’m still very confused at this. So, are we supposed to make our MC track down the love interest in the first 3 episodes or can we do that after??


Anyone who already finished their MC story?


Is character customization necessary, despite me having plot-important choices and reader choosing character’s hairstyle and outfit?