[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


I’m not really sure how I can write a story like this…


This is a bit offtopic but what kind of a person gets attracted to someone and doesn’t ask their number :skull: Yall really thinking too much, live your life :woman_facepalming:t2:


Anyone have any suggestions?


Hmm …
Rich girl with overbearing parents decides to see what life is like among “common” people. Meets a free spirited group of traveling musicians who live out of their astro van and play their music on a cross country tour, making just enough to get gas money for their next destination. She falls for the earthy and handsome hippy boy with a guitar but loses the paper with his number on it when the maid does her laundry. She goes on an epic quest try to find him on his tour which is a comedy of errors since she is used to a priveleged life and not being on the road.
Have at it!

I like this idea too much. I might write it myself some day later! I don’t have it in me to write it as a contest story right after the last one or over the holidays :smile:


I love this, actually. It does sound a little cliché, but I’m sure many great ideas can appear out of it.
Also, this doesn’t have to be a stalker story as some people mentioned before. It can be okay if the stranger also showed interest in the MC. Maybe they want to see each other again, just don’t know how. I think the word “connect” in the theme description means that both characters were willingly interacting in some way, probably having a conversation that didn’t end in exchanging contact details.

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So, the main character cannot find out the identity of the love interest for a while is what I presume?
We cannot have them find out within episode 2-3? The plot MUST be mainly about the MC tracking down her/him mystery man/woman? P.S I’m not being offensive, I’m just curious as to the standards of the prompt :slight_smile:

Rude’s Here to Help! Ask your questions babes 💙
Rude’s Here to Help! Ask your questions babes 💙


Ahahah BET.


Wow I really changed my mind in like 2 minutes :rofl:

I guess I’m going with fantasy! What are you guys’ subgenres?


Tbh I first thought of it like, met somebody online and learned they lived nearby and then trying to figure out if it’s anyone you know. Idk how I’m going to do it yet, though, I want the love interest to be different based on the player and their choices. And maybe the person you met online isn’t the person the player wanted to get with, so they can choose differently? Hoo boy maybe I bit off more than I can chew with this one, lol


also an idea to keep it from being creepy, have it be so that both the pursuer and pursued are interested, like MC is in a relationship with Person and then Person has to leave or something, move away, then later MC finds out that Person moved back or lives close by or something and tries to track them down? Shrugs


Like if that person had change names from circumstances out of their control, I can understand that. Just make sure that they would not do that BECAUSE of the other person


This contest prompt could get uhh… real creepy real fast, even when being authored by careful and well-meaning writers. If people are going the traditional romance route, I feel like they need to make the mutual romantic interest far more blatant than subtle, as well as have the missed connection be an accident on both their ends. For example, if the “missed connection” is actually because the love interest doesn’t want to speak to the player character again…? Oof. :confused:

I do have an idea for subverting the usual plotline, but we’ll see. Maybe.

@Liz, how long does the “tracking down” have to last? The whole story? Can the player character and love interest have scenes together at all during the plot or does that count as being “found,” so to speak?


Which sounds better?
Lost Lust
Love at first bite
I’ll Find You


The second one :wink:


I’ll find you sounds stalkerish so I say Love at first bite


Perfect!! I am going to enter this contest.

Anyone who would like to help me with coding and maybe some idea’s?

You can dm me @seda.episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I understand that the main point of the story is about finding the missed connection- but can we develop the plot further than that? Let’s say you spend 3-4 episodes tracking down this missed connection and then you find him/her- can the story continue on from there? Or does the WHOLE story need to be dedicated to locating this person?
I have lots of great ideas but finding the person is only one aspect as the story eventuates from that.


True, I hope we get an answer for this.


Would also appreciate an answer to this!