[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


no, i don’t have character customization its just kinda recommended


maybe have a limited one.


I don’t think having a CC or not will impact your contest scoring. You just might get messages from readers asking for a CC. If you’re letting them choose their hairstyle, though, I think that’s a fair compromise. Some people don’t like CC or like limited CC. There’s nothing wrong with doing what best suits your story. :slightly_smiling_face: If you don’t want people who are REALLY devoted to CC to stop reading, you can do a limited one so it doesn’t negatively impact your reader retention.


No, but keep in mind that there are some readers who may not continue a story if it doesn’t have customisation. This could affect your reader retention.


I’m still only half way through the first episode. At this rate, I’m never going to finish :joy::clap:

This would have been the third contest I’ve tried to enter and failed.


Girl, same. Why did I make the choice to have gender choices?


Oof, I feel sorry for you. If I did that, I’d never finish :woman_shrugging:


Big mood.:joy:


One question, I’ve been hearing a lot about the deadline changing for this contest.
When is the actual deadline? As I’ve now heard it’s the 23rd?


If it would change, they’ll tell us on this thread… But where did you hear that? :thinking:


one of my friends on my IG page


Oh… I don’t think its true, though…


I’ve also been told thatt if your 2 chapters are ready for publishing you can publish but not to fill out the form until your 3rd chapter is published? Apparently a lot of authors do it?
I’m not sure how it all works as this is my first contest im entering so I wanna make sure im doing it right


You have to have at least 3 chapters to publish. Also, I’m not certain, but I don’t think re-publishing a new chapter after the deadline works, because I think that goes against contest guidelines. After it’s over I know you can re-publish more!


thank you, i just wanted to make sure as i don’t wanna do anything wrong


I had an idea. But now I just can’t do this contest. I have a cool idea which I’ll probably do for a separate story. I really hope Episode come up with a delete button for stories, coz I need it for all of the stories I have created and then discarded.


A friend of mine just had her story suspended because she only published with two episodes lol.
A lot of authors do do that, but you’re technically not supposed to publish until you have three episodes.

For the contest- I personally wouldn’t publish until I had three episodes ready and then I’d publish as close to the deadline as possible.
I haven’t heard about the deadline changing (and they would definitely announce that on here like they did for Dirty Dancing) so I’m not sure where you heard that?


I did state it was from a friend on IG who had told me about this, she’s also entered the College Days contest.
As I said this is my first contest story so I haven’t a clue how it works :sweat_smile:


It would be extremely unusual for them to push the deadline forward a week.
When they changed the deadline for DD it was to push it back a few days to give people more time.
I’ve entered four :wink: not that that means I know everything of course lol


Don’t give up, girl. You might make it this time.