[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


its okay, i failed college days and it was my first one but I’m not giving up


Yah, my first contest. I hope I’m a winner.


Good Luck to everyone who enters this contest.
And also thank you to those for correcting me on everything :sparkling_heart:


After hours of searching and reading, -not to forget real life experiences- I do have a plot for this… But it’s not romantic at all, it’s a thriller. And the thought of putting it under romance when it’s straight up thriller irks me, I wonder, would I be disqualified if I added ‘thriller/romantic suspense’ to description. :thinking:


The deadline has not changed. It is still January 28th.


I hope you won’t be disqualified! I’m most interested in reading entries that will blend romance with other genres, personally.

This might be a taboo question, but if it mixes romances with thriller or horror, is it possible to change the genre assigned to it after the contest ends, or is that fixed once you publish it? I imagine it would be easier to reach a wider audience in a genre that isn’t as highly saturated as romance.


You can do whatever you want with your entry once the contest ends and winners are announced, as long as the story still fits Episode guidelines. I don’t think Episode tracks entries after the shelves go up, since they’re usually doing other things.


One of the thriller winners even changed their genre after the contest so I’m pretty sure it’s completely fine after the winners have been announced :slight_smile:


Thank you for responding!
I understand that now :sweat_smile:


Do ittttt


im so excited




I askes this question before But I don’t Think I got a answer, so in My story They meet and doesn’t get their name or Any contact things, But They meet pretty soon later on again and Then get their contact information soon After etc, is that okay? Because it would still be missed connection But They find each other again soon onto the story, if that makes sense


Maybe it depends on how soon you mean? The prompt says reconnecting should be a big part of the story, so if they meet and reunite in the same episode, that might be too quick. If there’s an episode in between, it might be fine. Since a story that stops at the 3-episode minimum would likely have them reunite within 3 episodes, I would use that as a guideline for how short the missed connection part can be. If they swap information in episode 3, for instance, it might be OK.


Bascially they meet in the first chapter and Then in the second they meet again Where She works But he only gets her name there, so in the 4th chapter he would probs get her contact information, I’m guessing that should be okay Then?


I’ve failed collage days, thriller and now it looks like this one? :joy:


I would think so. Mine end up properly reconnecting in ch 4 as well. I don’t think there’s any rule that says they can’t meet again until the finale. As long as the missed connection part is important to the portion of the story submitted for the contest, I believe that fits the requirement.


Hi, I was planning to join this contest do you think romance, action will suit this contest :thinking: my story name is " Blood Wars " I was planning to published my story in action genre but when I saw this the theme matches how my mc and her love interest meet exactly suit this any suggestion :thinking:


well from my opinion i don’t know if your going to have time since you only have a week


I already started writing since November I’m currently on episode 3 and making art scenes :thinking: