[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


The deadline is the 28th. There’s nearly 3 weeks to go :slight_smile:


Oooh, you’ll have to give me the link to it when you publish - I love Spotlight stories!


Yay! I’m glad there are a few of us who do. :grin:


Hey guys,
Check out my story when you have the chance.
Title: MC: Runaway Crush


oh then never mind


Omg I love it!! I don’t normally like lime light stories much but yours is amazing!:heartpulse:


Thank you! I will be continuing my story by the end of Feburary. I have an important exam coming up to study for. It will be on hold for the meantime.


Here’s the movie: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1&ei=aD05XLO3Ka9CXtgW-oaSADg&q=missed+connections+movie&oq=Missed+Connections+&gs_l=psy-ab.1.1.0j0i67j0l2j0i67j0l5.3241.3241..5948...0.0..…0…1…gws-wiz…0i71.b9stbELeOJs or movies…


I’m making one called: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5464844238127104 MC: A dead wish. Janoce’s life was a dream come true from when she was 8-years-old! But, when she meets a guy, she goes into a frenzy, she tries to meet him again by any means necessary. I’ma make a video exactly on what’s gonna be interesting about this story.


are we allowed to add special art scenes after the contest is over?


cause I want to add it but I started my story a bit late so I don’t think the artist will be able to finish it in time…


If it’s in the first three episodes, I’d say probably no. But you could put it in episode 4 and are still allowed to publish new episodes


Depends on whether you win or not (I think). Either way, you still have to wait until the contest is over and the shelf is released.


Pretty sure you can after the winners are announced (win or lose). Although if you win, you may want to ask before changing your episodes while your story is on the shelf.


Not finished yet. But I have 5 chapters out. Its called " MC: The Valentine’s Project." If you wanna read it


I would say my entry is a bit of a romantic comedy. But I believe you need to make it as romantic as possible. (Guess if you make it Valentine’s day themed it may help a bit too.) Hehe


I think episode would like your MC to take big efforts to find the person they met or to find out how to contact them.


You can do anything that you want to your story after the winners are announced, as long as it’s within the content guidelines. Including discontinuing your story… not that I’d recommend that. :eyes:


thank you for your advice! @EliseC @amberose @smallrockyplanet

I’ll add the scenes when the contest is completely over and the winners are out.


I’ve got five chapters out, but hopefully I can get one more out before the deadline. Its called MC: The Valentine’s Project. Would appreciate it if anyone wants to check it out