[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


That’s a great idea! and I honestly think that falls perfectly with the theme.


I’m going for sci-fi as a secondary genre! There may also be elements of horror and fantasy because those almost always slip into my stories. We’ll see; I don’t have much planned yet.


I don’t Really get this, can the MC have seen this person before But doesn’t know What this persons name is and didn’t get their number because for example this person had to go somewhere and the MC didn’t have the time to Give this person his/her number. I can’t really come up with a idea that doen’t Sound creepy atm. Also can the Mc not know Who this is But the readers do and you kinda see Both their pov?


Title: MC: Locked Away
Description: After being locked in a room, you must crack the code to find the one you are longing for? Will you crack the code or will you lose your love forever? LGBTQ


I’m going to end up doing a story about a girl who catfishes people on the internet. But there are three people who she is cat fishing that she starts to get genuine feelings for. She needs to figure out how to fix the lies she fed them so that she is able to meet them in reality. She doesn’t know their real names at all and she doesn’t know who they are or where they live. In order to find out all of that information and meet them in reality she needs o fix her lies will she do that? I will end up making it LGBT


I think I got an Idea for this one.

My story will be called:

Title: Missed Connections: Runaway Crush

Plot: During the winter break, [you] went to the annual Valentine’s Day festival with your two besties Connie and Stella in Japan. During the festival there’s this tradition where you watch the “diamond dust.” A type of precipitation composed of slowly falling, very small, unbranched crystals of ice which often seem to float in the air.
Legend has it if two people see Diamond snow together, they will fall in love and living happily ever after. Whether it’s true or not [you] is determine to watch it with your childhood crush. Unfortunately, your childhood crush went out to buy some hot cocoa and missed the diamond snow. However, [you] caught your eyes on Zang, a musician performing in the festival. After staring at each other both were too shy to even exchange words. Now [you] trying to track down the mysterious musician who left you head over heels.

Hopefully I have time to write this story.


I like this idea very much!
I wish you luck on this, and I would love to read it.




Thank you! I try to work on it today and will be posting when it’s finished.


Me do a romance?



Lol I saw your post on instagram already
I’m excited for it though xD


That sounds pretty cool!


I hope you give it a try when It’s published. & Thanks!


Do you have a instagram Where I can check When you’ll publish and possibly Sneak peaks?


I don’t actually but you can follow me on Episode. My user is ~Pamela



Funnily enough, the one I started working on is set in Japan as well, but it’s based on my own life so it’s far more mundane and happens mostly on JR during the MC’s commute to work. :laughing: I’m planning on adding a sci fi element, though, because I don’t usually write capital R Romance. I live in the US now, and just working on it last night had me feeling really nostalgic. Even if I don’t end up finishing/publishing it, I’m hoping it’ll be fun.


I would love to read it


Thanks! I hope to read yours as well. :blush:


Yay I’m glad you’re joining! I’ll decided to have some fantasy elements, maybe even thriller? This is Fantastical all over again. :rofl:


Debating on whether to do this, but if I do I am DEFINETELY going down the route with an older woman (also mother) Love isn’t just for teens right?! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: