[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Here it is. Ready to be read :wink:


So I think there could be a time lag between the reads showing on the app and the reads on the portal? Since I would imagine the portal is correct.


Edit: Also, I hope you like it :grin:


I think that’s the case. Mine has a similar discrepancy. Albeit with much lower numbers! :laughing:


But also that could be just a glitch like in my case :woman_shrugging:t4:

I’m more worried why reads aren’t counted today as I showed above? Did anyone else notice that?


Well, I think it could be similar to/related to this lag that I’m showing. None of the reads that our story has gained today are showing. I think when I went to bed last night, we had 1.5k reads actually lol.

I definitely think it’s a glitch but it appears to be an app glitch/delay.


My friend was just reading a story in last hour and read 4 chapters. Story wasn’t from this contest.

I asked her for screenshot of before and after.

And the difference was +3200 reads in an hour,

Since story had more than 1000 reads, we can’t be sure if my friend’s reads were also counted. But some obviously were and it’s shown immediately.

So why those stories of MC which I read, didn’t count reads?


I know someone else (not in the contest) whose story isn’t showing accurately on the app either. It’s also quite a new story so I’m not sure if that has something to do with it?
They seem to catch up eventually (I don’t think our read count changed at all yesterday but it obviously changed this morning) so I’m guessing at some point all the reads we’ve gained today will show up :woman_shrugging:t4:
It’s probably worth reporting but quite a few of my support tickets went unanswered last year so…


Soo… do we get an email a few days before the announcement of the winners ( if you win) or do we just get to see it on the app ? Since some people get emails before they get on the app :slight_smile:


You see it on the app if you’re a winner (if you’re featured on a different weekly shelf, you usually get an email beforehand).
At least, I’ve never gotten an email for a contest win :joy:. When I won, I woke up to a bunch of DMs from people who saw it before me lol


Hey there :sparkling_heart: It would mean the absolute world to me if you could check out my Missed Connections entry, MC: The Cocoa Exchange, by Sleepy Dreamer :slight_smile:

Addison Li always thought she’d be spending Valentine’s Day alone – until she meets a beautiful stranger through a lucky coincidence, that is.
story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6195867588558848
With meaningful dialogue and 4 possible endings, make sure to keep your eyes open to every single detail :wink: Hope you enjoy it, loves, and tag me in any screenshots, because I grin so big that my face breaks when I see those :triumph::heart:


Hopefully no one missed the deadline for this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, remember to form connections with each other and support each other during this contest :smiley:


Here’s my Missed Connection Entry!

MC: Ghosted
Description: You encounter an alluring stranger that sets your heart aflame, but when tragedy strikes, you are torn away from them. What will you do to be with them again? (LGBTQ+) (CC)
Style: Limelight
Total Episodes: 3 (completed)
I will read for reads! Good luck guys! You’re all awesome!


Does anyone know when the next contest will be (:?


They tend to announce it after the winners are announced


No, they announce it before the winners…


One very important question- help please :heart: I’d appreciate if anyone else knows to acknowledge me :heart:

Does anyone know: is it allowed to change character features and clothes from first 3 chapters?


@CoraMae <3


Eh close enough, around that same time.


I don’t find the answer there :see_no_evil:


I’m new to episode and just submitted my contest story. I was just wondering, is the contest based on how many reads you get or how the episode judges like them?