[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Also, if anyone would like to read my story I’d really appreciate it!

Story name: Coffee Crush

Author: Sarah S.

Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)

Description: When Zara talks to Logan she’s immediately intrigued. The only problem? She forgot to get his number. Zara is prepared to go look for him, but will that cause damage to her friendships?


I read stories if you help me with my homework in return lol. I can send screenshot to your message.


I read stories if you help me with my homework in return lol. I can send screenshot to your message…


I read stories if you help me with my homework in return lol. I can send screenshot to your message…


Explain that. My English sometimes has a block.


Oh okay, I can read any one stories. If someone help me a quick question with my homework. I will you or anyone in return if you would like me to read your stories or any bodies.


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A combination of both. They seem to go by reader retention first, to determine which entries the judges even consider. (This means entries with the highest percentage of readers to complete all three chapters.)

Then they use a judging rubric to make decisions from among those with the highest retention.


Private messaging you. <3




No problem! It’s definitely harder for new writers, but not as hard as it would be if they only counted raw numbers. A story that had 1,000 people read the first chapter and only 10 continue on to chapter 2 would actually be in a worse spot than a story that had 50 readers altogether, but 49 of them continued on.

I imagine most stories from authors with a loyal fanbase do have good retention. BUT there have been some instances of newbies winning in the past! Good luck. :slight_smile:


My story only has 23 reads so far, not trying to beg but it would be appreciated if you could read it :slightly_smiling_face:
Title: MC: Mr. Celebrity
Episodes: 4 (Completed)
Description: He’s handsome. He’s rich. He’s famous. You would do ANYTHING to have him… and that scares you.


Here is my contest entry if anyone is interested in checking it out :slight_smile:

Title: MC: A Twist of Fate
Episodes: 3 (completed)
Description: After a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger, Grace sets out to find the person who stole her heart. (Limelight + CC + Choose your love interest)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6410767080423424

Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think! <3


What did you use to do it?


Sounds interesting! Something I’d total read and never seen on episode before :blush::smirk:


iMovie :blush:


Can I remove a line from my story? I left a change of hairdo in there but decided to abandon that idea when I included the CC. But now the hair changes back after the shower because I left that line in. Can I take it out or is this considered a big change?

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This sounds like an error to me since it creates an inconsistency, so I would think it would be OK. You aren’t changing the CC itself.


I am so confused, I know people are still writing new chapters to their story… is this allowed, I was under the impression you couldn’t do anything to your story once it was published until the shelf has been created…?