[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Oh ok awesome then I’m going to add to my story, it’s only at 35 reads :confused: hopefully it will gain more if I add to it


The way that’s worded makes it sound like we can publish chapter 4 after the deadline, but we then can’t change this hypothetical ch. 4 again until once the contest is over… though that would be nonsense if only the first 3 chapters count.

So what this rule must mean is… no touching ch’s 1-3 until post-contest, but anything from 4 on is a complete free-for-all immediately, I guess?

Anyway, my ch. 4 is taking me SO long it probably won’t be done until after the contest shelf is up anyhow. :smirk:


Oooh, I didn’t even notice that :sweat_smile:


Hey there! Let’s say that there are two stories with the same successful retention, but one has 900 reads and the other 5000. Will they most likely choose the 5000 one over the 900 one, or will they even bother to read the 900 one? Thanks


I think that’s when they turn to their rubric. If one of those stories is bad for example, it won’t win just because of its retention. It also needs to fit the theme and have high scores on the rubric


Based on explanations that have been given about scoring, those two hypothetical stories should get equal consideration if they have the same retention score. Here’s a little explanation about retention.

And at the end:

Episode uses retention scores to measure how successful our own stories are with our readers. We also use this in conjunction with our grading rubric to help select user stories to feature and contest winners.

My guess is maybe there is an ideal retention score, and stories that hit that, regardless of which has the highest count of raw reader numbers, move onto the rubric.


Me waiting for the next contest prompt like



I’ve read the pilot :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:


u can’t remove it, all you can do is fix, errors.




@Tyler do you know when the next contest will be held?


Wrong tag. Tyler is on the reviewing team and doesn’t have much to do with the announcements of contests. You should either ask Liz or submit a ticket or just sit back and wait like most of us do because it’s usually soon anyway :slightly_smiling_face:


@amberose I know. But I took the chance since Tyler reviews stories. Maybe he knows about the next contest since he is going to review those stories.
Thanks for replying though. :blush:


Okaaaay, well if he comes on here and answers you then I guess I will stand corrected? Idk. I just also think that even if he knows, he’d keep it a secret to avoid getting bombarded with more questions haha lol


Lol. I can’t imagine his pms! :joy: And I understand you.


I’ll admit I’m curious too. :skull: I’m dying for a new contest prompt actually. I hope the next one’s good.


thank you for the info :relaxed:


thank you for the info :slight_smile:


Hi prashansarvi,

You’ll have to submit a ticket to Liz for anything contest related :wink: