[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Thanks so much for responding! :heart_eyes::wink:


Is this contest over or…?


The deadline has passed but the winners haven’t been announced yet.


Oh, alright, thanks.


I’m guessing that the winners are going to be announced on the 14th, since this is a contest for Valentines day :grin:


Good thinking


Usually it’s a Friday (which would be the 15th if it’s next week), but I did wonder if they’d announce it a day earlier lol.
I feel like it’s a bit early to announce it this week? @ELx I feel like you know all the contest patterns. What’s an average waiting time? :rofl: hahahah


Probably not this week since they said 2-4 weeks😂


casually waiting for the next contest prompt like


Trying to increase my readers!

Title: MC: The Good Girl
Episodes: 4 (More Episodes Coming Soon)
Description: You were always the good, shy girl in high school. Now out in college, you’re determined to shake that reputation. The first thing to check off your list? Get a boyfriend. And you’ve found the perfect guy, right? The only thing left to do is get his name and number, which proves to be more challenging than you thought.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4908332778323968


Yeah, this Friday definitely seems a little quick.
I felt like the Thriller winners were announced sooner than I expected but I think that was still over two weeks. (I expected them to be announced the week of Halloween but they were announced a week earlier.)


Sorry for not replying earlier, lost it in notifications :joy:

Last one was announced on 18th of February, the contest ended on 26th last year. So about 23 days. Which would kinda result in February 15th. 19 days and on Friday. I think that’s enough, but last year was spotlight, this year had more people joining, so it could be weekend too.


It’s usually a Friday as that’s “new shelf day” lol.
I’m just wondering if they’ll bring it forward a day for V-day. But I think there’s a very good chance that it will be next week then. Doesn’t make sense to release the shelf the week after :thinking:


I hope

And if they didn’t, it would ruin my plans for the second contest :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


They could announce the next contest before the winners are announced. You usually get around eight weeks to write your entry (then of course there’s 2+ weeks judging time) and the next shelf will be for April, so it will likely be announced soon.


Ooohhhh~ If the next contest is for April maybe the prompt is April Fools related :thinking:


Last year was H&V and the year before was Mysterious so April seems to be an “anything goes” kinda contest month but I guess we’ll find out soon :eyes:


Ah darn. I just hope it somehow relates to something I’m already writing.


That’s goals