[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


I underestimated how well you promoted our story. OML. All the questions I’ve ever wondered!!!


Lol, I didn’t tag you because I didn’t want you to see how good (?) I was at it :see_no_evil:


You little tease. I love you.


Hope for the best for everyone in the contest (Especially me :joy:


Can y’all announce the new contest till we wait for the results huh?


Any idea when they will announce the new contest slice?


I think the announcement should come most probably in a maximum of two working days.


So… I could be way off but if you look at the dates that Thriller, College Days, DD AND Fantastical were announced, they were all announced on the 18th of the month. Probably a coincidence but… I’m predicting the next contest will be announced Monday, February 18th


I sent a mail to Liz. :blush:
She said the next contest will be very soon.


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What a smart cookie you are :slight_smile:


Hahhaha oh I’m probably completely wrong.
My predictions are usually terrible. I don’t bet for a good reason.


I can’t believe someone rather flagged my comment instead of helping me :woman_facepalming:t4:


Well, though I did not win, I’m quite pleased to be able to change my genre to Fantasy now. :mermaid:t3: :unicorn:


But it’s not over yet


Shelf is up in my app.


No? Already? :scream: not possible, it’s been only 10 days.



@EliseC Congrats to you and your partner!!! :partying_face:


There are 18 winners total that I can see. Those are just the top-displaying 6.