[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Who wants to hear my story idea? I would love some feedback on it for this contest…


I’m happy to hear about it!


There is not set time the searching for the love interest has to last, but it should be a significant plot point. Yes, the player character and love interest can have scenes together.


There is no requirement for the story to take place in high school - you can set your story in any time or place that you want.


@Liz Can I run my story idea by you?


Let’s hear it!


If anyone else would like to hear my story idea, please let me know.


Can I?


me too


Sent you a private message




HELL YES! :star_struck:


I was so ready for the new contest, then boom, romance. Romance sucks. sits angrily under the arm of my teddy bear


I don’t know how to feel about this contest. Can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with :thinking:


But it is kinda for Valentine’s Day


the story I was planning was a romance lol


I am actually doing this (but with Male MC) , so I think we can, because they are tracking them down, but with clues 🤷🏼😁


I’m not sure, the whole contest seems…stalker-ish in my own opinion.
I think maybe if the LI was to put some clues or something down for the MC maybe it would seem less creepy?
Tbh I’d freak out if someone was trying to find me and look up every single detail about me, that’s creepy as hell. I’ll be writing this contest story my own way :grin:


I would be so excited to read this bc it’s so unique!


Does MC have to track LI just for romantics purposes? O can it be for other reason?