[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Whaaaat??? Only about ten days for the contest judging period? I’m so sad. A lot of the winners were in my list but I only had time to read one during the actual contest period (not that they needed my help, but, you know)


I have read only two of them :laughing::laughing: And there were so many good entries that I am surprised they already announced winners after 10 days :thinking:


Congratulations to all the winners! :heart:


I’ve literally only read two stories (including yours actually lol) and was going to binge this weekend then share screenshots of all of them. I’m legit shocked that they announced this already.


:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Yeah, I’m just sad that I only read like… 5 in total?
I don’t want to get into it too much, but remember after H&V the contest discussions? And people were wondering if they wait to see stories that are doing well retention wise before judging them on the rubric? I feel like there was hardly any time to measure retention this time around haha, so rubric surely came first, right? The bulk of the MC stories I read were in the past two days.


Yeah, I’m really not sure.
I wish someone could clarify how retention works in terms of contest winners as it would clear up a lot haha.
Like… is it just a benchmark that you need to reach?
I had a quick look and I think there were 2 or 3 stories with <1k reads.


Yeah, I think majority of them were less than 10k


Well done, your story is amazing. I was obsessed reading it :heart:


In a week, I wouldn’t expect that many to have over 10k. I think only Butterfly’s did? And there was another that was close.


Thank you so much :grin:


I don’t think that’s an outrageous theory. I am pretty convinced that’s how it works. If winners have to perform well on both retention and the rubric, then there’s no point in judging a story with horrible retention. And I say that as a Spotlight writer with horrible retention. :upside_down_face:


Yeah, I was wondering the same. I am definite they wouldn’t have had time to read all the entries within this short span of time. So, rubric as well seems like a stretch. I think maybe they would have used only the retention even if measuring only of short span of time. Also, its quite surprising that every winning story is a story that was popularly spoken of in community expect for one or two. So, I am wondering if Episode scanned through community reaction as well to shortlist.


That makes sense, too!


That makes sense, but it doesnt seem really fair to me, just saying :woman_shrugging:t3: But it would explain how they were able to come up with so many winners in ten days


Hahahah thank you. Technically I’ve been here longer than a year, but I beta tested these forums and wasn’t moved over normally.


I agree with this and the fact that most stories who were popular won. I think that they didn’t even had the time to read all the stories, and I am still happy for the people who won, but I just think for that people as me (who never got on a shelf and joined this contest) is a bit unfair, it was in such a short period…


There were a couple stories that I’d never heard of or seen floating around personally and a small amount with <1k but to choose 18 stories in 10 days- I would like to know the judging process. If there’s a large team of judges, then it would maybe be possible to read all the stories in that time (just the first episode, anyway) and create a shortlist? But I have no idea if that’s actually what happens.


First of all congrats Elise. Yeah. It’s just confusing. The only story I read is actually yours. :rofl::rofl::rofl: I am sure everyone deserves it. I am just as usual curious to know what’s the judging process. I really feel they couldn’t have read all the entries.

Edit: I heard of most 15 stories there. And all then has 1.5k reads minimum.


I had a quick skim and saw 3 or 4 stories with under 1k (at the time I checked. Since the shelf was announced, our story has already gained… nearly 400 reads so most stories may have quite a few more reads now than they did when they were chosen).
I would like to know more about how the judging process works. Like- when do they start reading the stories to mark against the rubric? Do they wait a few days for a retention benchmark? Or do they just start straight away? If there are (for example) 5 reviewers and they split the stories up, it probably wouldn’t take that long to read one episode of each and start narrowing the field down. Then again, 10 days isn’t much time at all. I literally read two stories myself and meant to binge this weekend. Whoops.

And thank you :smiley:


As a self-confessed forum stalker, I can confirm that there was at least one staff member reviewing MC stories on the 4th of Feb (3rd of Feb in US). Whether they were starting that day or had been doing it a few days prior… I don’t know. That’s the kind of information that requires my manipulation skills, not my stalking ones