[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


I have no idea how the contests work, but I always just assumed that the actual story team maybe reviews the entries? Rather than staff who come on the forums?
But I have no idea :rofl::woman_shrugging:t4:


Ahh, I don’t wanna quote the post because he’ll get the notification, but @/Tyler commented that he was reading a particular thread while reading the MC entries… (So I’ve deducted that the same group who reviews stories that violate guidelines are the same that review contest entries AND also ones they consider for the weekly shelves


You’re a much better stalker than me.
I’ll just continue to write about them instead.


that has happened to me, try reloading it


same lmao


yo, does anybody know when they’ll announce the next contest? wasn’t really feeling this one since i didn’t really have that many customization options until last minute, and i promised myself i’d make the next one my first.


Happy forum anniversary!


Out of the ones I read, I think about 5??? My two favourites made it on the shelf!!

MC: Zodiac
MC: Agent Cinderella

Well done everyone who entered! :clap::heart:


One has 25k


Yeah, Butterfly’s, but that was an anomaly. Every contest there’s usually one or two entries that really take off during the judging period. For college days, there were two that I think had 20k around the time the winners were announced and neither of them won.


Thank you :smiley:


Wow, that is crazy.


Happy Anniversary


Haha thank you. It’s actually a fake anniversary. I beta tested these forums and wasn’t moved over normally. I’ve been on the forums since January 2017 :slight_smile: (although I wasn’t overly active until these new forums)


Congratulations to those who won, but I’m pretty disappointed that some stories didn’t make it, and I still have loads of entries to read :open_mouth: I wanted to read them this weekend and when I saw shelf already I was pretty shocked :fearful:


You can still read them. I meant to binge all the stories this weekend so I’m going to start with the ones that didn’t make the shelf :slight_smile:
I hope people don’t get discouraged and discontinue their stories. From the screenshots I saw, there were some fantastic stories that didn’t make it.


Of course, I will read them but I thought I will find some gems so I could promote them, I still will but it’s after the results now anyway :smiley: aren’t you one of the winners? :thinking: If you are - Congratulations! :smile:


I am :see_no_evil: with my writing partner Mavis :grin: #teamELVIS lol
Thank you!


Thank you so much, we’re glad you love Zodiac! :slight_smile:


Your team name gives me life, if I’m being honest here :wink: