[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Man, that list is insane! I had no idea there were sooo many people entering lol. Thank u on behalf of everyone for bothering to try all of these :blush:


Thank you for adding me to your list, sweetie.:tulip: Hope you enjoy my story. X


Out Of Time
The Fourteenth


Hey, thanks. But is there any chance that you could please tell me who the author is of this one?




Out of Time is by @purplezombieattack


That’s me! My name in the app is Alvar M.


Hi! :heart: Just wanted to say I hope you have a good day. :see_no_evil:


Thanks, you too


Cheers, thanks loads! :wink:


Let me check!


Thanks so much for wanting to read my story Mc: Coffee Crush! I really hope you like it