[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Thank you!


I think that’s fair.

When I was graduating from high school, we had these little gifts that underclassmen could purchase from student council to have sent to seniors. I wasn’t super popular and had no expectations of getting one, but I did. It was anonymous, and it wasn’t overtly romantic. Just a sweet personal message and some candy. I never did find out who sent it, though in retrospect I’m pretty sure I do know, and I kind of wish I had asked.

I think something like that might be less stalker-y. The two people know each other, and they KNOW they know each other. They just don’t know which of their friends you are looking for and are too awkward to go about asking directly.


Thank you for the clarification! This is really helpful :slight_smile:


Cool, this is something that I am into
Gonna make the characters rn bye


@QueenIvy already answered this here earlier. Look above!


Now I’m thinking my story idea won’t work :frowning:


Missed Connections: The Stalker
Description: I creepily stalked you and for some reason you missed that connection. The end.

I couldn’t help myself :slight_smile:


Just to understand, Is this a writer’s contest?


Yes it is, don’t mind my recent example I was just kidding.


Haha, thanks


Why not? I think it does.


Are you worried it doesn’t fit the guidelines? It sounded to me like it would work fine.


Can I run my story idea by anyone?


@QueenIvy @Cee it doesn’t have a Missed Connections ad… I know that the original post says that it isn’t required but I have a bad feeling that my story won’t get recognized because of it…


Oh believe me, my story doesn’t even belong in this contest. It’s a late Fantastical entry. I don’t have Missed Connections ad either, in fact, the LI and MC saw each other once when they are children. You don’t have to follow what everyone does, after all, the importance is creativity. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let’s hear it!


I’m gonna PM you.


I don’t think it has to have the ad. I’m not planning to do it. I bet a lot of people have never even heard of Missed Connections ads before this contest and probably won’t use one in theirs either.


@ELx @Cee Thank you for the info on this, I’m no longer freaking out. I really don’t understand what a Missed Connections ad is, therefore I don’t think I’m going to use it…


This is such a great contest theme! I’m excited for the entries :smiley: