[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


still dont get what this means


It’s a type of classified ad that became popular online (especially on Craigslist) in the late 00s. When I worked in retail, someone wrote one for my coworker. If you looked up her city’s missed connections on Craigslist at the time, there was an ad addressed to “exotic tattooed beauty” working at our store. Some guy saw her and thought she was cute and was hoping to ask her out through the ad, I guess. Didn’t work! She did NOT respond.

They might pre-date the internet, and though they seemed especially popular maybe 8-10 years ago, looking at Craigslist now, there are still actually quite a few being put up. Sometimes people do exchange names and actually talk to the person, just without exchanging contact information, so you might see an ad like, “This is for Alex. We met at XYZ pub on Friday and talked about hockey, dim sum, and being twins for two hours. I’m Dana with the red hoodie. Wish I had given you my number.”


FBI who??? :eyes:


Hey! I can help w/ coding! :slight_smile:


This sounds like fun! Still new to writing on Episode, and I’ve never written romance before, but I’m definitely going to give it a shot!

Question: Are we allowed to post updates on social media?


Learning about Missed Connections ad through @Cee is still making me second guess my story…


This sounds awesome! I’m gonna try and whip up something fun. Have fun writing guys. :blush:


I don’t think you need to second-guess it. I’ve seen Missed Connection ads before, and I still thought your story idea fits the theme. I think it’s interesting if you have a unique interpretation of a “missed connection” instead of a very literal one.


So, If I got it right… the story need to be about someone that fall in love with a stranger and try to get information about her. Or it’s not it? :thinking:


Already have something in mind XD


Same, I just have to start writing lol


omg is it ok if I use this or write one similar? its totally fine if its isn’t @QueenIvy


Yes. This would do so well…


Heyy! Thank you :slight_smile:

Do you have an instagram account? We could talk through there!


This theme is perfect for Thriller :weary: I can come up with so many great ideas, but then i saw that it’s ment to be under romance :weary::joy:


Go for it!


@flower.writess :slight_smile: DM me!


Can I run my idea to someone?


Sure Cam. PM me


Does the ending require two of the characters to end up together? @Liz (Or if the characters are good or bad)
Sorry if it’s a silly question!