[Creator's Contest] Missed Connections


Well, the main genre of the story should be romance, but that doesn’t necessarily require the 2 characters to end up together. There is also no requirement that they be good or bad.


Me and my friend are going to try again. Hopefully we will make the deadline this time.


Goodluck :smile:


Thank you! Good luck to you too if you are entering too!


I am! :smile: Thanks! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We are literally enterng this contest! We love the idea very much! But before we begin writing, we have a few questions for you, because we couldn’t contact you:

1) How do we find our story’s URL? We don’t want to mess it up. (Like many, many others.)
2) How many episodes should be released before the deadline ends? (maximum)
3) What should the story contain and not contain to be aproved?

That’s our questions. We hope you reply, because we really want to take part, and we don’t want to mess it up.

It’s our first contest participation, after all!

Yours sincerely,


the url is this at the top of ur chrome or safari or etc.


3 episodes


its in the rubric


No problem!


HOW DID u become a episode community member


I like visual art novels. I was looking for apps similar to voltage inc games and I found episode. Started reading stories and then I noticed the create story and started writing. I have two stories published now.


so how can I become one also r u in the contest or no


Yeah, I think I’m joining the contest with my friend. Oh I just now noticed what you meant. It might be because of all of the posts I have made plus the badges I have gotten. I’m not sure when I made one.

Plus I’m on everyday either on my computer or phone.


ALSO if ur not can u do my episode cover?


Sadly, I’m not that good with Cover edits just yet. I’m just now getting the hang of it with background edits. If you look up Happy Helper’s they can make the cover for you. They have really good quality artwork.


okay :frowning:


Sorry I wish I could help you with your cover! I hope they can help you out!


Yas!! Good luck everyone :sunglasses: