Creatorz I am in need of your help for my cover!

Can someone touch up my cover I don’t want it to look so cartoonish and the wine glass looks a little off and also my title and more :woman_facepalming: artist I really need your help with this.
Contact: IG:queenronnie.epi

I have a question. So do you want it in like episode style (like an edit) or drawn/realistic?

Also I actually really like the cover you’ve shown lol

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Thank you!! I just wanted it to look some what similar to this

Created by @devilsraven.epi

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Oh shoot… i did this. :joy:
Not that its different :joy:


:joy: I like the frame and the font lol

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Give me the character details
I hope I will do something BEAUTIFUL for you!

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i can redraw it as well, i will give you my examples soon.

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Here are my examples if you would like me to do it.

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this is her I would love to see both of your guys @AnaliyahWrites

Can i have her exact details please? I don’t want to mess anything up. :bowing_woman:t4:

Yeah of course sorry. From this cover I would like her sitting at a bar with guys approaching her. As she already knows she holds her glass and smirks into the camera the guys in the back are like shadows that are angry and ready to fight, her other hand on the bar I felt like she should have something in her hand ready to fight back I know it can’t be any guns because of the guidelines but I wanted her to have like a grenade, knife, or a bomb button. drawing wise I would love her to look similar to the picture above that @devilsraven.epi, but if not totally fine. That’s pretty much it if more detail I could offer more I hope you understand what I just wrote because I don’t even understand it. lol :joy:

No, i will do it, but i meant the characters details.

Skin: Umber
eyebrows : Medium angled
Hair Color: black
Hair: straight
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Eye Color: green
Face Shape: oval
Nose: upturned
This is what you mean right?
Mouth shape: Full Round
Mouth color: Rosewood

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Thankyou :heart_eyes:

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Sorry this is super late but here my IG to keep in contact @queenronnie.epi

Ok. Thankyou

Hey sorry for making you wait because of somethings !
I didn’t finish the cover but i wanted your opinion so that i can be satisfied with the cover

Sorry again!