Credit for Art You Didn't Make?

What do you guys think about people asking for credit if you use a background or overlay they did not create but found somewhere and stuck into a drive? Where is the line on editing an image you didn’t create but put work into removing or adding elements, when does it become yours? Opinions?

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I don’t think you can get credit for something you didn’t create. The moment you put all your time and energy to perfect the image your looking for either it’s for a background or something else in that moment it’s yours :upside_down_face:


If you edit something someone made without explicit and direct permission to do so, you should not get credit. Ask first. If you did get permission, and edit it, I think it would be okay to say ‘original background created by EpisodeUser, edited by me’, but in no way or situation would it be okay to claim all the credit for it.

I made a forum about this too. it has been closed but you are welcome to look at it anyway

you didn’t put any work into it, you don’t get anything back.

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How much work do you have to put in before you demand credit, say someone has a bunch of free pngs in a drive and they’re saying “if you want to use these you have to credit me”, do think they have a right to acknowledgment as the curator of those images? I see a lot of drives with zero original work and few edits that still ask for permission to edit or credit if any of images are used in a story.

What if someone uses something that was cut from an episode background by someone else, should they give the person that cropped the artwork credit even though they didn’t create it?

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They should give credit to both people- the person that cropped it and the original creator. And the person that cropped it should have permission from the creator to crop it and share it with others.

I think if someone asks for credit you should give it to them, it’s not really an inconvenience and it feels like the courteous thing to do, but I also think it’s ridiculous to demand credit for something you got off episode or found on pngtree. Then again I never ask for credit for things because it doesn’t feel important and I enjoy making shit when I feel like it, so maybe I’m the wrong person to judge that situation.

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I agree.

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I don’t think someone who just found an image should get credit. They didn’t create the image they just found it somewhere which really takes minimal effort and arguably anyone could have done it. Credit is for doing something that other could not do, like editing a background in a useful way or creating a piece form scratch. It’s to recognize the skill and hard work that goes into a piece and to thank the person who made it possible, not so people who scrolled through a bunch of google results can feel special for finding something someone else made and take credit for it. It’s nice to share something cool you found but it really doesn’t belong to you and it’s an insult to the original creator to try and take credit for it. Take credit for stuff you made yourself not stuff you “found” but really didn’t find because it’s on the internet which is public to everyone. Idk, that’s just my opinion.

I also don’t really care for people who create something and then put their name all over it. I mean I get that it’s to prevent theft without credit but it really takes you out of a story when you see a name posted over the background and I feel like it defeats the purpose of the BG in the first place. If they made it more inconspicuous like as a sign or a magazine cover or something that would work but as is it just looks tacky. I digress though.

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No, you shouldn’t get credit for finding a piece of intellectual property online, taking it without permission, and then telling other people they can use it without permission. That’s stealing and dishonest.

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I think that it’s terrible that people take work that isn’t theirs and pass it off as theirs.

If you didn’t create the art from scratch. You can’t demand or ask for credit. You didn’t make it. Yeah, you might have cropped it and resized it, but asking for credit for something you didn’t make? Is ridiculous.

For an example. People using Episode backgrounds and demanding credit and putting their watermark over it. Is ridiculous.

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well I have seen STOLEN picture which was protected by aouthor rights - it was modified a bit and requested to be credited by the one who did it…of cause he didnt told anyboty it is actualy violatong of author right…and a lot od such people do not do it with bad intentoun thay just download the picture and do not even care if it isreally free and than 100% free and than want to be credited…I guess lot of them are kids so trhay are not aweare thay actualy are in conflict with law…therefore I actualy use only pictures I myself find on safe sites.

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