Credit For Overlays and Backgrounds


I have not given credit to those who have work hard to make me an awesome overlays and backgrounds and it is only fair that I give them shoutout for it and of course I will be given them credit on my story.

I am truly thankful for each and everyone who have done both of my backgrounds, covers, pfp, art scenes and overlays. It make me the most happiest person ever (may sounds cheesy but that’s the truth). But for now these are the people who did my overlays and backgrounds and be sure to check them out and their work as well.

By: @Sayanjali_Rizvi

image image image TiredNews toolbox image

By: @sezzlehg
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image image image image image

There are other more who are doing another backgrounds, overlays and art scenes for me which is currently not complete yet. For the backgrounds and overlays I will continue to add it on this same page of category and for art scenes will be separate in different post once they are done.

Thank you so much to you both for doing my backgrounds and overlays. I truly appreciate it!


You’re welcome :heart::heart: