Crediting in stories

So I have a few backgrounds I am using by some community members. Now I don’t really want to put “reader messages” every time I use a background is it ok if I just credit the people at the end of the story on a “credit splash”


Yes, as long as you credit them for their work. Artists/creators have their own rules but most people put them at the end. I personally don’t like when a reader message comes up after one author constantly changed perspective and there was a reader message every time. So putting it at the end is the best option.


Yeah me either and i tend to miss the reader messages half the time

Hey,:hugs: I personally credit everyone at the end of the episode.
The credits have a special ending screen with Narrator speech.

My story credits

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oh awesome! I just needed people to confirm its ok to credit at the end of the chapter

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It’s perfectly fine unless the artist themselves ask to credit them differently :heart::heart:

Most people are totally fine with being credited at the end or readerMessage, so I’m sure it’s fine!

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