Credits for pexels/unsplashed?

Hi everyone!

I had a question about crediting for websites such as pexels and unsplashed. I was reading another thread saying they had credited these websites, but episode flagged them for it. These websites say you don’t need to credit these photos as they are free to use, but I still feel like I should…how does everyone do this? I know I’m not the only one who uses these websites hahaha. Do you still credit or don’t? And if you do, how do you phrase it?


Also, what about pngtree? Because I have gotten some overlays and backgrounds for that as well. I have the “link” that they ask you to copy after you download the image and I also have the artist name. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

No you do not credit for pexels or unsplash

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any advice for pngtree?

I don’t really use that website but from what I have seen and heard you do not have to credit there either.

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