Creepiest animations

What are some of the weirdest/creepiest animations you’ve come across?

In my opinion, the end of “talk_happy_smile” in Ink looks really scary…


Lmao, the dance_crawl animation in LL is creepy af. Horror writers can utilize that abomination.


true :laughing:

I’m OK with talk_happy_smile, but talk_happy_agree is so creepy! Especially for the guys, they look like a pervert :smile:


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holy, talk_happy_smile is pretty scary.
It’s a good thing I read under the covers with a light on, and the TV running :sunglasses:
Another one is the jump_loop
It scares me how high they jump-seriously, all star golden Olympics team right there
talk_hold_cupcake is creepy-what will he/she do with it?
My fingers are sweating from tapping the screen and wondering
wave_extreme is sorta creepy as they are waving like their arm is gonna fly off.
And don’t even get me started on Limelight and classic.

Did I creep anyone out? Hmm? :smiling_imp:

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What do you mean what she’s gonna do with it? She’s obviously gonna stab someone with it. Isn’t that what cupcakes are for???

I wanna hear you Classic and LL creepy animations! :smile:

You are so totally right! Being stabbed by a cupcake is creepy-imagine someone just waving that in your face, not as food, but as a weapon :scream:
And I have a bunch but I’ll list some:
CLASSIC (angry_fists)
Looks like they’re going to pull out their hair as well as yours.
CLASSIC (dance_jump)
Looks as if they’re trying to jump through the roof and defy gravity
CLASSIC (examine item)
They way the smile at the item (which I’m sure is supposed to be a prop) sends shivers down my spine.

Some of the blinking animations are creepy.

Walk_bent is also creepy as it looks more like Frankenstein or a tiny dinosaur is walking rather than an actual/animated character.

In conclusion, I’m surprised the horror genre on Episode isn’t the most popular.

And no, I don’t frighten very easily…

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