Creepy Obsession Story •Post yours if you have one!•


So there was this guy, hmm, let’s call him A. A was a bullied by both genders since he got ’but by a beetle’ apparently. He was in my class the next year, so I was like ’Nice mode, YEAH NUCE MODE, I don’t really wanna active MEAN MODE!” I was all nice until the middle of the year: He swung his arms around, always hitting me accidentally, I was like OKAY OKAY, NICE PERSON :fist:. So then he started getting crazy and I was like chill ’A’ chill! He sniffed me cause I said ”Why do I smell like cinnamon?’ AND IT WAS MY WAIST, a little bit of my thigh. I flinched and yelled at him. He made a crossword puzzle of my life. He literally hugged me and I said NO when he asked, I’m talking FULL lemme squeeze you up-hug! Then we went to the same camp, he walked home and everything time my friends were carpooling with me be followed us outside and went the other way. I confronted him about this but when I get angry he shrugs his shoulders and croaks like a frog and makes a weird face. We are going to the same orchestra this year as well…


Hmmm mentionssss:
@loveyourself and @ZADDY (They always have good responses…)!


Good responses?


Idk, maybe it’s how you type.


It’s like a business woman.


What, with grammar?


I guess?


Oh. Well, I’m a writer? So, I write, and type like this… Plus, I study often.


So do I, My new school is gonna kick my BUTT.


Sounds like he has a CRUSH.


I’m pleasantly surprised.


Lol. Mine is a little different. Like I was so obsessed to this one boy in my class and he was like really cute. But he was unfriendly. Like I greeted him the next day and I was crushing so hard on him that I did not care about that fudged up attitude. So I just annoyed the hell outta him so he would talk to me since he was ignoring me and like I would ask for a pen again and again when I had my own and I would throw my things under his seat and ask him to pick them up lol. And I would like shit next to him daily and follow him around all day since we shared most of the classes! Then after a few days he became a really good friend of mine and one day he asked me out and I nearly fainted right there. After that we dated for a week and then his father got transferred so he had to go. So I miss him but yeah… what happens happens.


I can see people’s definitions are highly different/


So you were the stalker, I’ve taught you well.


Haha. Lol. I guess you have mommy.


Well… I tend to get obsessed with things pretty quickly. Once I find something, I latch onto it and fast…


I don’t know why but just imagining this dude getting constantly hit with a clarinet in orchestra.


That’s band XD


He’s a cello.


I’m a violin