Criminal hideout/Shooting range Background

Hey everyone I’m looking for a background for my story and I haven’t found one that I like so does anyone have any if so please let me know CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN TO THE ARTIST

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Indoor and yes I would like the target.

This dirive go to backgrounds, the fire/police/prison and shooting range is there:

Read this doc for rules then you can check if any of the creators have some (access is at the end of the rules list):

Both drives have rules to follow for credit and use so read those prior and hop this helps. :slight_smile:

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*for the second drive there was toooooo many to check as there are a lot of creators but I do know they have good bgs for other uses too.

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Thank you for helping I like the backgrounds in the drive but its not what I’m looking for in the story in in right now. Im going to change the title so people will get closer to what I’m looking for thanks again for your help :grin:

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No problem, also maybe if you can’t find it take a google slides doc and add a royalty-free bg on it (pexels and rawpixels are some sites I use( then take some overlays/ transparent png’s that are credit free (rawpixels and favpng have some) then screenshot it and use this link to resize the bg.


1 zone- width 640 and height 1136
2 zone- width 1280 and height 1136
3 zone- wisth 1920 and height 1136

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Hi, I make backgrounds & Overlays if you still want one would you be able to message me or email me ( with more detail on what you want. If you want any examples of my work they can be found here