Crimson Art Shop Hiring

The Crimson Art Shop is now hiring!
We just opened so we don’t have many artists at the moment, and we could use the extra help.
If you are interested in joining, fill out the form below, we’re looking to hire about 5 people, you can add your examples in your reply below, or PM them to me :blush:


Are you active?
How many requests can you take?
How often are you on here?
Do you finish most requests?
About how long does it take you to finish an art request?
What do you do?

The Shop

Crimson Art Shop (OPEN & HIRING)


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4 spots left :slight_smile:

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@Ciley, you should join!

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According to my lovely cousin I’d like to help.

She ain’t lying though, if you need help PM me. :grin:

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Oh, I know. I’m never wrong

@Riley is primp_neutral

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