I’m bored I have to self isolate rn my art isn’t amazing but I’ll do it for free I really hope I don’t get spam requested or I will literally end this
Free art OPEN shutting at 4 requests will be free once I have completed ALL of the drawing ^-^
You don’t need to pay a penny it’s free I’ll make a cover Or a art scene Just show your characters I will show a example of my art in a few hours when I’m finished with it (It’s closed wait until I’m finished to get a request please)


Note : I’m not in US I’m in the UK you’ll have to deal with time zones

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Hey! id like to request a drawing of my character for my insta acct. and i hope your art shop is a great success :slight_smile:

Hey I would love a art scene it is so nice you are doing it for free my Instagram is jazz.episode01

@Jazz5 @Babi13 My insta is crimson.epi I’ll follow you both and get round to it in a minute

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Ok :heart:


hey! i would love a art scene!

LL or Ink?

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Hi can you make me a cover plz

which one do you feel more confident in drawing? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Do you have any examples of your art?

Not currently bc I’m finishing some rn it’s not very realistic it’s like anime / semi real

This is my more anime style

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I don’t mind tbh btw I do more anime / semi realistic art I should have said that earlier sorry ^-^

Can you make me a cover for my LL story

Sure! Just put up some pictures of the characters

could i request?

Yes ^-^

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ok thank you may i have an potrait


characters: 1
character face: diamond
character nose: defined natural
body: female athletic
mouth: full round pouty pink
skin: gold 03
eye: round downturned wide, brown
eyebrow: arched natural black
hair: curly braids black
outfit: any